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Sam's Your Man?!

I have just a few comments and questions everyone should consider as our Mayor now claims he will stay on the job.
I am Sam. Sam I am.
I am Sam. Sam I am.
Sam Adams is an arrogant man who famously believes he's always the smartest, hardest working person in the room. Yes, he's obviously displayed an incredible amount of intelligence so far.

Sam Adams kept lying about his relationship with a teenager, and coached that person to lie, until forced to retract his earlier statements by an aggressive newspaper. Did he actually believe the truth would never come out?

Sam Adams' judgement and personal responsibility toward the public trust are at what point right now?

Sam Adams image as a scandalite will certainly overshadow whatever city work he undertakes for weeks and months to come.

Sam Adams will eventually have to withstand a recall vote. Talk about a distraction for the city.

Sam Adams has done exactly what for the City of Portland to warrant all the goodwill exhibited toward him on this site?

Sam Adams has shown a tenacity for ensuring his own political survival, up to this point. What happens when the choice for Adams comes down to protecting himself or protecting the people of Portland?

Blank 26.Jan.2009 08:37

Den Mark, Vancouver

O.p. here has nothing at all new to say. The space might as well be blank. All those "points" have been addressed already. This is a perfect example of perseveration.

A self-inflicted toast job 26.Jan.2009 10:18

septic skeptic

Why are you Sam supporters so into this guy? He's so full of himself, a self-described "hard worker" who's now going to "work even harder." Please.

Hard work is one thing.

Working smart is another.

And Mr. Adams has exhibited what degree of intelligence?

Let's solve this my friends. Put it all out there in a recall vote.

If he survives that, fine.

Until then, Mr. Adams is political toast.

Why is this here? 26.Jan.2009 14:37


The author of this "article" has not provided any news or information. It's simply a pontification over something he or she read in the corporate media. There's enough space for shit like that in the corporate media. This belongs in the compost bin.

To answer the "skeptic," bullshit. There was nothing "self inflicted" about this. Unless you consider it dirty and wrong for someone to have consensual sex with a legal adult? Because that's all that happened here until the corporate media started spinning in the ears of stupid people who digest their "news" with all the thoughtfulness they usually reserve for the big paper cups of coke in their chubby little hands.

Why are people "so into" defending Sam Adams? Simple. He's a member of this community. He's a human being who is being crapped on by the corporate media. And he's a person who is being confronted with the worst sort of dumb-ass mob mentality. In other words, he's someone that any person of conscience should stand up for. It's called Solidarity.

oh fuck off 26.Jan.2009 14:40

what is your problem anyway

"Arrogant." Unlike every idiot who posts fact-free scandalmongery on random websites.

"Thinks he's the smartest hardest-working blah blah blah"

Gee man I want a mayor who is so dumb and lazy that he even knows it himself. That would be great.

"Blah blah teenager blah blah" yeah yeah the mayor fucked a middle school kid, we get it.

That's your story and you're sticking to it.

Go get your recall signatures and stop bothering people.