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'Anomalous Wave' protests begin again in Italy

The ANOMALOUS WAVE protests that began last year in Italy with hundreds of school and universities occupied and massive streets protests against education reforms and the crisis have begun again: Here follows a few notes from the Wave movement:

Background text here:

Students are back, and so are the mobilizations. Now it seems that The Wave of universitarians is taking part in the numerous protests against the war in Gaza. But besides this, the campaign for self-reductions (autoriduzioni) has been going on, and there have been some university protests too.

On Thursday 15 January 2009, the university of Calabria was celebrating the inauguration of the academic year. There was a notable guest, too: the president of the republic, Giorgio Napolitano. However, students decided to voice their criticism towards the university administration and the Italian government. "What is there to inaugurate? The destruction of the university? The situation of precarity? Or even better, the end of democracy?"

In the morning, before the inauguration, the university was occupied... by the police. Students were kept outside. At 1 p.m. students took back their university. The party was spoiled and president Napolitano was on the run, students say.

January 22, 2009

21 January 2009, La Sapienza, Rome. Gianfranco Fini, the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, paid a visit to La Sapienza. Protests erupted.


5 January 2009. Alemanno, the right-wing mayor of Rome, says "La Sapienza is controlled by 300 criminals" and "something should be done". Students say the real criminals are those who are destroying the university. The aim of Alemanno and friends is obvious: to normalize the university, push the Wave into the corner.

(Sapienza is a big university in Rome where much of the action, occupations and general assembies were held lasy year)