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Obama Murders Innocent Pakistanis

When it comes to foreign policy it turns out that Obama is as big a bimbo as Bill Clinton was.
Obama Murders Innocent Pakistanis

By Lloyd Hart

When it comes to foreign policy it turns out that Obama is as big a bimbo as Bill Clinton was. By authorizing the missile attack in Pakistan Obama is flaunting international law by attacking another country without getting an official declaration of war and because innocent civilians were killed in the illegal attack President Barrack Obama is now a war criminal.

Death Toll Rises in Missile Attack in Pakistan
By VOA News
24 January 2009

The more surprising issue is the silence on the left who's voices seem to have been clearly shocked into paralysis because they listened to a democratic party that promised an end to the war in Iraq. The problem with that deal is that "The War" that needs to end is not the war in Iraq. "The War" that needs to end is "The War on Terror." But just like the illegal Vietnam war the peace movement did not end that war in Iraq, the insurgency did and by winning. The insurgency won the war in Iraq by killing and wounding just enough American soldiers to cause the U.S. generals to buy off the insurgency with hundreds of millions of dollars in-order to lower the violence in Iraq on time for the U.S. elections. And just like the Vietnam war a neighboring country is being violated by America's greedy murderous hands.

Because the Generals and their political lackeys could not completely steal the election here in the U.S. like they did in 2004 and 2000 they needed some good P.R. out of Iraq with the phony surge which turned out to be the war crime I predicted it would, with not only the wide spread murder of innocent Iraqi civilians but also with the ghettoization and ethnic cleansing of Baghdad.

Where just as the Israeli's, the Americans recreated the 15th. century Jewish ghettos imposed on the Jewish people then by violently psychotic christians. This time however the Israeli's placed them around the Palestinians in-order to starve the Palestinians out of the West Bank and the Gaza strip. The Americans put these concrete walls around secular Arab neighborhoods which they ethnically and politically cleansed in an attempt to continue giving the psychotic right wing Shiite dominated Iraqi Government the secular neighborhoods of Baghdad with the hopes that the Iraqi Government would give up control (that the U.S. military had already taken) of the oil fields to western oil companies creating the bullshit P.R. that the Iraqi public wants the Americans to stick around to run their private sector.

It didn't surprise me that Obama would tap dance for the generals. He is, after all, one of them. Educated by them, made wealthy and president by them. Who's them? Why the white ruling elite's of course. You know, the ones whom are making all of us go broke and lose our homes by deliberately cutting of the money supply and and creating the largest banking monopoly in the history of the world. Obama does not have the collective memory that the descendants of African American slaves do. Nor does he share the same pain and suffering of racial profiling because he was protected by a white family.

These facts matter. If you are keying on white racist military/economic policy as the attack in Pakistan is, you have been homoganized into their white racist conspiracy where blacks are segregated into impoverished neighborhoods and racially profiled into being the majority of prisoners in American jails. Or of course the other choice, you become one of them.

After the illegal missile attack on Pakistan I do hope the American and global left will wake up and smell the rotting flesh of the innocent people with dark skin President Barrack Obama has just murdered. It is clear that the phony war on terror that was created by the american generals to replace the phony cold war maintained by american generals, is nothing but cover for the continued rape and pillage of the world's resources for the benefit of fat americans.

Lloyd Hart