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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

What about 911?

THE MOST pertinent question
OK, gals and guys, listen here.

In TURKEY (of all places) currently the press is really free, and they are uncovering the DEEP STATE.
The USA has faaaaaaaarrrr more reason to do exactly that.
911 was an inside job!
If you do not think so, or you think it was LIHOP (Let is happen on purpose), then you have NO MORE URGENT TASK than to make clear to yourself what it actually was. I tell you why.

IF, lets say, the USA was a benevolent country, on the whole, and there was a temporary disaster, but really the whole thing is fairly above board, then you'd be entitled to ignore this posting.

BUT, if indeed the US MILITARY DID 9/11 (who else?) then you have the obligation to take this ONE TIME POSTING extremely, I mean *E*X*T*R*E*M*E*L*Y* seriously.

The point is:


There are people who are willing to use bio-weapons IN THE USA MILITARY AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY OLIGARCHY.
(not? remember anthrax!)

Do you want to live in a country where BIO-POISON-FEAR is ruling you?

I promise you, THEY will go to that extreme.

Take heart from Turkey, where they are currently doing a house-clean,
- that is required to join the EU
- that EU countries have done 15 years ago
- that uncovered USA CIA oversight
- that was not that hard to root out