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breedlove was already out of high school when he met adams, and they never worked together

beau breedlove graduated from high school in 2004, a year early

beau breedlove was a legislative intern in salem in 2005

he had been out of high school and in the workforce for an entire year as he turned 18

adams was a city commissioner in portland in 2005

adams and breedlove never worked together, or in the same workplace, or even the same city

and -- this should be obvious -- adams was not mayor of portland or anywhere else then
There is a lot of innuendo in the media about Sam Adams' relationship with Beau Breedlove four years ago. Many people have the impression that Breedlove was somehow working in Portland City Hall directly for "Mayor Adams," as in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. This is false. Or that Breedlove was still in high school when Adams met him, which also happens to be untrue. To the extent that the papers have been encouraging these misconceptions, they are malicious lies. The media's gleeful invocation of these stereotypes seems to justify Adams' reluctance to admit anything in the first place and his eagerness to seize on any pretext to sweep the whole thing under the rug ... where it belongs.

Amen 25.Jan.2009 01:02

focus on REAL issues

Amen to all that. I could care less who Sam Adams slept with in 2005. I think it's a shame what the media has been trying to do to him. Since their malicious smear campaigns have worked for them before, I guess they figure we're all going to stupidly grab the bait.

This guy was a grown man, the sex was consensual, the guy did NOT work for Adams, and that makes this a ridiculous non issue. The only scandal here is the corporate media's duplicitous attempt to control Portland democracy. Fuck that.

Proud 25.Jan.2009 07:49

Den Mark, Vancouver

I am proud of Portland progressives for standing with Sam Adams & against ww & the o & other media. It was predictable that given Adams is openly gay that a certain element in Portland would try something against him. I am proud of the strong response so far from many in my former home town. Thank you! Adams should not have to face this alone.