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Reform at Victory

Michele Ulriksen speaks on her book "Reform at Victory" - Powells City of Books 7:30pm this Tuesday.
Author Michele Ulriksen recently wrote a book tited REFORM AT VICTORY, which gives an account of how when Michele was a teenager, her terrible parents send her away to a Baptist comsentration camp way out in the middle of no-where. Sentenced to a year in christian Hell, Ms.Ulriksen recounts the various forms of abuse she & other poor kids were forced to endure. She speaks of how a friend of her's was killed at one of there christian "reform" camps(nazis?) while being forced to do child labor. She also speaks of how such camps dot the U.S., how there's all unlicensed, & how they - with the blessing of skrewed-up parents - have free reign to abuse, rape, & torture kids with NO threat of prison time.

Michele Ulriksen will speak on here book at Powells downtown on Tuesday Jan 27th at 7:30pm.