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whats a jewish state good for?

This question is not to be anti-human but anti-religious.
Peace is an Option
Peace is an Option
Perhaps someone can provide an answer to this question? That would be welcome. I can not see a reason for a religeous state at all. How about Utah or North carolina? The idea of a religious state is indeed exceptionalist and disgraceful to others.

This consideration goes to our so called kkkristian or islamic states as well. So where does that put the US or Saudi Arabia? The vatican at least takes a small space, its vassel states however are quite large.

I suppose before you answer this question you should consider what's a state's good for to begin with.

If you can not come up an answer quick, that's quite human. Perhaps i'll give you a hint. Folks who work for the state tend to swear a lot. Those who swear by god to protect the constitution from enemies, both foriegn and domestic tell you what the state is for. It defines the enemy. Your lack of support of it makes you one too. Salute.

The paper is often quick to classify the dissident an anarchist and thus as an enemy of the State. Perhaps this is true, but this agent is certaianly not an enemy of the people. Which of course is what this discussion is about, the consideration of the good of the people. Its clear the media is an organ of the State enemy classification apparatus. Its also clear that the media played a major role in supporting our two front war, covering up 911 and not reporting the fake energy shortages(remember enron?). Well if you read this far you know there is a lot of items you could include. We our still waiting for a seriuos analysis of our current economic circumstances. But wait I digress.

There is the old fall back for need of the state for the need of the rule of law. Lets give that consideration. Its purpose of course is to prevent those who have from clobbering each other. And those who have not from evening out the playing field. There is some use in that if of course your not starving (and perhaps that is something that the state ought to prevent). So if this is as good as it gets, a religious state is a genocidal state. Its best of course if you belong to that religion of that state, but if your not-good luck. Its hard enough to live in a regular State, why pay for a religious one?