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This site sells the fur of endangered species.  http://trailsidetraditions.com/?gclid=CMnz0M71pZgCFQkzawodbgmXmA

Isn't there a law against this?
I accidentally stumbled upon a website that advertises all kinds of fur. It's replete with images of really ugly clothing made from coyotes, raccoons, lynxes, and all sorts of other animals. Also pillows and throws. And... and a rug made out of a wolf.

Aren't wolves endangered?

Please join me in calling, faxing, and emailing these people to ask that they open their eyes and hearts, and see the animals they're hurting as the living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings that they are.

Here is their contact information:

Office: 970.879.7796 ~ Cell: 970.846.8795 ~ Fax: 970.879.9149
email:  info@trailsidetraditions.com

No 24.Jan.2009 03:54

Mike Novack

"Isn't there a law against this?"

Simple answer is no.

Bird parts (of protected birds) yes.
Ivory is regulated too.
Bear organs.

But the fur of what you have listed isn't illegal. Whether it SHOULD be is another matter --- feel free to try to organize such a campaign. However note that you probably don't want to bring "endangered" into it (racoons aren't endangered anywhere in their range).

But... 24.Jan.2009 09:08


Wolves are endangered.