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Sex, Lies, and Sam Adams

Lying about sex? I do not see it as grounds for being outed. If he's to be removed for anything- it's blatantly undermining societal progress he's fought for... that's a pretty counter-productive trait for civic leaders to have.
Adams, may well have spoken truth regarding an illegal relationship, however, the denial was extended through the course of Beau's Portland internship. Sam aggressively dismissed the allegations and thus heavily participated in destroying Bob's hope for a political career. I believe worse yet, Adams ardently categorized the rumor as based in negative homosexual stereotypes.

Regarding sex, Sam lied about something trivial if legal. Weird (42 + 18 is a bit weird in our culture), but legal, and a non-issue for me. However, in his dishonesty, Sam played a 'gay-card' as a public service announcement, this is disturbing and offensive to me as it goes beyond event negation into civic issues for which he has been an advocate and hero. Moreover, his official statement lacks explicit mention of this offense. Adams ought to explicitly apologize to Ball, explicitly apologize to the LBGTH community, listen to his staff, be discreet, stay in office, and work his ass off to re-prove his twenty year civic record.

I do not see it as grounds for being outed. Lying about sex? If he's to be removed for anything- it's blatantly undermining societal progress he's fought for... that's a pretty counter-productive trait for civic leaders to have.

Uh, thanks for nuthin. 23.Jan.2009 10:50


Others have already articulated a much clearer and more relevant impression about our mayor and the "scandal" (smear campaign) raging through the corporate media concerning his (so none-of-your-business) sex life. What you have written here really doesn't add anything except a ramble that probably seemed more important than it is.

If some stupid ass came up and asked me a question about my sex life in a situation where I was not allowed to decline to answer, as they did to Sam, I'd have made something up too.

Give it a rest.

If you want to spread innuendo and character assassinations about Sam Adams, go over to the wOregonian or Willamette Week, or the Tribune, or any other corporate rag in town. They're all ears. People here at Indy think for themselves, and thus are disinclined to pay any attention to your frivolous and groundless opinions.

"Rally for Sam": Friday, 1/23 @ 5:30pm in front of city hall 23.Jan.2009 11:16


A new Facebook group called Support Sam Adams has announced:

Rally for Sam:
Friday, 1/23 @ 5:30pm in front of city hall!

(I understand there will also be a rally at Noon on Tuesday, 1/27, at City Hall in support of Adams staying in office.)

Using protected status and altruism is not simply a denial 24.Jan.2009 10:29

Sam Adams


"I have in the past, and I will in the future, respond to people who reach out to me for help and advice. This is especially true when it comes to young people.

Growing up in Newport and Eugene, Oregon I remember when I was a teenager and I had nobody who I felt I could talk to at a time I desperately needed someone to give me advice and perspective about coming to terms with being gay. I came through it. Not everyone does.

Gay youth suicide rates, homelessness and depression are still too high. And adequate services have been lacking: Reasons why I co-founded Portland's Q Center, served on the Boards of Cascade AIDS Project, Basic Right Oregon and lobbied the state legislature in support of statewide non-discrimination laws.

I didn't get into public life to allow my instinct to help others to be snuffed out by fear of sleazy misrepresentations or political manipulation. I understand the need for good judgment, and I keep within the bounds of propriety -- as I did in this case.

I'm glad that people consider me as a person they could come to for help, understanding and support. I work at it. And I hope that you do too. Local programs needing mentors have long waiting lists."


stop lying

Breedlove never interned in Portland.

He was interning in Salem.

He did not work for Adams, or in the same workplace, or even the same city.

In case it matters to you, Breedlove was already out of high school. He graduated a year early, in 2004.