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Rally for Sam: "Rally for Sam": Friday, 1/23 @ 5:30pm in front of city hall!

Who do you trust more: newly elected Portland Mayor Sam Adams or the editorial boards of 4 local newspapers that each pronounced that he must resign? Whether WE like him, tolerate him, or abhor him, don't let the would-be "media" rush him out of office.
Stand up to corporate media! Demand they: let the public officials run the city, let the citizens choose the officials, and they themselves start doing their JOBS (REPORTING FACTS).
A new Facebook group called Support Sam Adams has announced:

Rally for Sam:
Friday, 1/23 @ 5:30pm in front of city hall!

I am not yet certain that I want him to remain in office. I need answers to questions (that the media has helped to raise, but not to answer.)

However, I AM certain that I don't want the choice of who is or is not Portland's mayor to be decided by the corporate media, the puritans, or the homophobes. Nor do I want their impatience to rush or override the deliberative processes of the citizens or the mayor. So, I will be there to defend democracy and popular elections.

...There's only one question that I see as having any relevance to the public: "Did the mayor use city money to silence a reporter?" (presumably to cover up that the mayor had lied.)

The corporate "media" has resources to snoop into private lives. And, within one day of hearing the mayor's confession that he lied during a political campaign (shocking indeed! I don't think I've ever heard a candidate admit that before!), their editorial boards have the audacity to demand the posthaste abandonment of due processes (i.e., the election that put him in office, trial by jury if he is accused of a crime, and recall procedures if voters want him removed).

The one thing the so-called "media" seem unable to do is their JOB: investigative journalism to get the facts and report them to us. If they did, WE could have the answer to that one question that is relevant to us so that WE could decide what, if any, demands we should make, or actions we should take, regarding the mayor's continuing in, or departing from, office.

not sure my self...But 23.Jan.2009 11:44


you bring up very good points... thanks for making us think about it and the corporate media's in_(con)_fusion

Like, you wouldn't have? 23.Jan.2009 16:06

I'll be at the rally

"But he lied...."

So would you have. Don't try to pretend otherwise. If you were running for mayor, and some smarmy "reporter" started asking you intrusive questions about your very personal sex life, you would have lied too. Don't tell me you wouldn't have, and don't try to tell me you have nothing to hide. Everyone's sex life is private. Period. That's as it should be. As long as the zex was consensual, I don't care to hear any details about Sam Adams' sex life, or yours either for that matter. It's no one else's business, and one is perfectly justified in answering a question like that any way one chooses. No one deserves to have any expectation of honesty when confronting a person with an inappropriate question like that.

btw, there's also a rally next tuesday, the 27th, at noon at city hall.