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Why Would He Lie? Responding To Stupidity Regarding Sam Adams

The facts: This partner was consensual. This partner was an adult, 18. 18 is far above the Oregon legal age of consent, 15. Sam Adams lied to keep his sex life private. Clearly the ONLY controversial issue here is that his partner was a man and that makes the homophobes uncomfortable.
Look at those blue eyes, what young man would resist that?
Look at those blue eyes, what young man would resist that?
Why would he lie?
Because gay people have been forced to lie about their private lives for centuries under the brutal oppression, torture, murder/assassination, and extermination campaigns by heterosexuals. Is it really all that shocking or a mystery to ANYone that a gay person would have fully justified reasons to fear and would want people to keep quiet about who they are having sexual relations with? He may have lied, but Sam Adams shouldn't have been asked the question in the first place!

I may be an anarchist, but I'm willing to set aside our political differences for this issue of social justice. If there's a rally(it's rumored that one is in the works for the 27th 5:30pm) I can make it to then I will be there to support him. I will support that sexy, Clark Kent looking gay man shoving his hard, throbbing man-loving cock into any tight, eager man-loving asshole that wants him thrusting deep in there. I will support his right to keep his sex life private in the work place. I will support his right to not lose his job if he does choose to disclose his sex life in the workplace

...and FUCK YOU, homophobic corporate media sleezebags at Willamette Week!
Please people do not read sleezy corporate weeklies. It's all gossip, half-truth, and hyperbole, anything to sell advertising and keep your attention from more democratic forms of media like the internet. There are other far better local alternatives for show listings.

In fact I would love it if people posted links to non-corporate media places that they read in the comment space below!

age of consent 22.Jan.2009 20:00

getting this detail wrong could mess up your life

As somebody who had to look this up once, the answers I found were that messing around with a "minor" is a felony if they're under 16, a misdemeanor ("contributing to the delinquency of") if they're under 18, and either one is a sex-offender registry crime. The only exception is if the parties involved are less than 36 months apart in age.

On top of that, the common-law age of majority has been 21 for centuries, and people still think that way privately.