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"A Crying Shame," by Fur-Bearer Defenders

This video, "A Crying Shame," by Fur-Bearer Defenders of Vancouver, B.C. and available on YouTube shows exactly what animals suffer in traps, and refutes the claims by trappers, the fur industry and state and federal wildlife agencies that trapping is humane. No one, after watching this video, can any longer believe the misinformation propagated by Oregon trappers and the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife about this indecent pastime.
Dear Friends of Oregon Wildlife,

I ask that you forward this link to your friends so that the use of leg- and body-hold traps can be well known:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIVmVMraR3I

Thank You,

TrapFree Oregon

homepage: homepage: http://trapfreeoregon.org

Call to Action Against Leghold & Snare Traps in the United States: Yes, We Can! 22.Jan.2009 21:10

Lori L. Paul, RVT lpaul@altadenafoothills.org

Dear Friends of Wildlife,

In one his first acts as president, Barack Obama has halted a last-minute Bush attempt to strip federal protections from northern gray wolves next week. Great news; however, "new" leghold traps now threaten wolves and other wildlife.

In the spirit of "bearing witness," we cannot stop the brutal suffering in the "Crying Shame" video; however, we can honor the victims of cruel traps by documenting these atrocities and debunking the latest propaganda promulgated by the fur industry. We can all act to prevent wildlife, along with domestic dogs and cats, from suffering this horrific fate in the future.

Please have the courage to watch the video... What is seen with our own eyes becomes information we can use for positive action. Next, forward the web link along with a brief letter to our governor, your Congressional Representative, and President Obama. Send it to your neighbors and local newspapers. Request that they view the film for themselves and then act as soon as possible to finally implement a comprehensive Federal ban on cruel leghold and snare traps across this great nation. The patchwork quilt of inadequate state bans on traps is not working. An encompassing Federal ban is needed to end the suffering.

The recent "modifications" made by the trapping industry to leghold and snare traps are mere window dressing intended to allay valid concerns about the extreme pain and prolonged suffering these devices inflict on animals (both target and non-target species). Don't be fooled by the design changes and sales rhetoric. Don't let your state and federal representatives be fooled by these marketing tactics. Hold your state wildlife agencies accountable for their contracted animal damage control programs. Leghold and snare traps are even deadlier than they used to be.

Thank you for your help and your courage. By acting together, we can make a difference. As our new 44th President has said, "Yes, we can!"

Lori L. Paul, RVT
California Licensed Veterinary Technician, biologist and former zoo keeper at the L. A. Zoo