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Bush Booed by Millions and the Corporate Media Tries to Silence it

Perhaps you missed it. The corporate media dropped the audio and cut this from almost all of their broadcasts. The band tried to drown it out. But, as one commentator noted, "There's nothing in the world like the sound of 3 million people booing just one man."
The thing is, we NEEDED that jeering. We NEED a cleansing. We NEED to let it out. We NEED to speak up, to tap a vein and let it out. We need to connect with each other on this level, to discover were are NOT alone, we NEVER were, it was all a carefully crafted illusion. And with that knowledge, we can move on to do what MUST be done: Justice. The man and all his henchmen must be brought down in chains and sent to their just dessert. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are dead because of that man. Millions more have been irreparably damaged because of that man. The entire world is suffering, because of that man. And all along, the corporate media pretended it wasn't there. They pretended we didn't know. They pretended that "everyone else" was willing to just let him get away with it. But yesterday, on the Mall in Washington, three million souls opened up and spontaneously poured out their verdict, their admonitions, and their repudiations. The corporate media tried to hide it. When it was live, they tried to dismiss it or write it off as "bad form." When they could, they cut either the audio, or the entire episode. (Did it get quiet where you were, when you watched them announce Bush? If so, it's because they dropped the audio to cover this up. Yes, 8 years later, the corporate media is still lying.) And the military band played loudly, trying to drown out the true voice of all America. But they could not. Because it wasn't just in Washington. All across the planet, the rest of us were pouring it all out too. I was in an office building yesterday, during the inauguration. The entire floor had the same reaction. I think it likely that in every building in the city, indeed perhaps even the world, we were all one in our repudiation of what was, not to mention in our horror that we did not join together and put a stop to it.

The truth, of course, is that it isn't over. We let something happen that never should have happened. We know the shame of postwar Germans now. We let them get away with it. And now, we can't delude ourselves into believing that something as simple as a new administration can cleanse us, and the world, of this sin.

If you missed it, here it is from several different angles.

BEST version I can find, from the perspective of someone in the crowd:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNzBwryfUF4

corporate media view ("bad form"? No, the FUCKING TRUTH! EAT IT, fuckers.):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KvX8YHzMLQ

and from a camera out in the crowd:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ots79bOX8Gs&feature=related

(na na na naaa, na na na naaaa. hey hey hey, GOOD BYE....):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAaLDdpnh8U

silence 21.Jan.2009 08:46


It was reported there was silence when W was announced. Well, we still need truth in the media.

And this one! 21.Jan.2009 08:47



Another one from the crowd, in which they all laugh about taking off their shoes to throw at him. Ha! Wouldn't that have been the cooolest thing, 3 million shoes whacking him upside the cross-eyed, retarded little blunted off head. Let's make it so the next time he rears up in public. If he dares.

Yeh 21.Jan.2009 09:14


The "silence" that came across was a result of the corporate media cutting out the sound. Contrast that with the sunny, "lots of support in Texas!" story on the news this morning, where a staged "rally" of about 20 red-white-and-bluers held up stamped-out signs and cheered listlessly for him in Texas. What lies.

Better Booing 21.Jan.2009 11:30


I like this one better:

One, two . . . many "inaugurals"! 21.Jan.2009 15:10

here's to them

For once, there were more spontaneous dissenters in one place than the SS, cops, FBliars and other strata of the police state had horses, motorcycles, chemicals, grenades, cameras, tazers, clubs and bullets for.

I wonder if there were any liberal "moderators" in the crowd, scolding and threatening to report the one's "spoiling the permitted march."

Don't let them sweep Bush under the rug 21.Jan.2009 16:43

Jody Paulson

Thanks for posting. I totally agree. They swept the attempted 1933 coup under the rug and it came back to haunt us (Google "Prescot Bush" and "coup"). After the war, they swept the Nazi-backing German industrialists (like IG Farben) and American bankers under the rug and it came back to haunt us (Google "Prescot Bush" and "Nazis"). They swept the Kennedy assasination under the rug and it came back to haunt us. That was all connected to the Watergate (wonder what was on that 18 minute gap?), and of course they swept that under the rug, and it came back to haunt us (Bush Sr., Rummy, and Cheney all worked for Nixon). They swept Iran Contra under the rug, and that came back to haunt us (who was involved in all that? And Silverado? Can you say *Bush* and all his high-level appointees?)

So here we are. Are we really going to let them sweep the Bush looting of the nation, the near destruction of our republic, go univestigated? When will justice be served?

Not until we DEMAND it!!!

Peace Cops 21.Jan.2009 18:40


"I wonder if there were any liberal "moderators" in the crowd, scolding and threatening to report the one's "spoiling the permitted march."

HA! No shit. And no doubt. "You're making us look bad on TV!" "Stop being so violent!" "Quit violently saying things!" and my personal favorite, "The police are not our enemy! If you don't stop calling them names, I'm turning you in!"