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VIDEO: Leuren Moret 1.12.09 Portland Oregon 911 Truth Discussion

LEUREN MORET 1.12.09 Portland Oregon discusses 911 Truth and more.
This is a couple hours of discussion on 911 truth and radiation
Filmed in Portland Oregon:
911 Truth Leuren Moret 2009
911 Truth Leuren Moret 2009
Leuren talks about HARP weapon systems, weather, false flags, and 911 investigations.
This was filmed at Laughing Horse Books in Portland Oregon with a room of 911 Truth seekers. The discussion was about energy weapons, weather weapons, uranium use, facts and media manipulation, explosives, false flags, and scientific logic about September 11th.
This 2.5 hour video also includes a Q / A session

Leuren, for years, has been speaking about the scientific use of radiation and uranium poisoning around the world as well as other related topics.
She has allot of information out on the internet.

I also briefly filmed her at a Gaza Protest on Jan 10th at Pioneer Square, here in Portland.
That short video is here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id16.html