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Children of Robyn & Graydon Drown will remain in Protective Care

Judge Hart rules on fate of nine children after parents found guilty on charges of abuse and neglect. Aunt Heather Larson, sister of Robyn Drown, not likely to be considered for their care.
Marion County Circuit Judge Thomas Hart ruled Thursday that the nine children of Robyn and Graydon Drown will never return to their parents' care.

The nine children were removed from their parents' custody when Robyn and Graydon Drown were arrested June 19, 2008. . The two were found guilty on child-abuse and neglect charges by a jury after a five-day trial in December. They were sentenced Wednesday. Robyn Drown, 42, will spend 20 years in prison, and Graydon Drown, 49, will spend 29 years in prison.

"It's not going to be a 'return-to-parent' where we are," Hart said.

A spokesman for Oregon Department of Human Services said the children were placed in six separate foster homes. The children will remain in protective care and child-welfare officials will create permanent living plans for them. According to Judge Hart the older children might not be suited for adoption, but could be considered for permanent foster care or independent-living plans. The court will revisit the children's custody case in April.

Hart also ordered the two youngest children, an infant and a toddler, be vaccinated. The school-age children were vaccinated in July under a court order by Hart, however the two youngest children were not vaccinated because of Graydon Drown's objection.

Cheryl Richardson, a Salem attorney representing Robyn Drown's sister Heather Larson, who lives in Alaska, said Larson expressed interest in supporting the children and wishes to be considered by the child-welfare agency. Sarah Morris, Marion County prosecutor, said in court that the agency would object to Larson's care.

In a long tirade on the Statesman Journal article site, ( link to www.statesmanjournal.com) Larson ranted against nearly everyone who was involved in the case, including the Judge, jury, DA, children's lawyers, Graydon Drown's family (who reported the abuse of the three oldest children in 1990 in California) and his family who raised the three oldest, DHS, foster families, and even those in the community who recently came to the aid of the nine younger children.

Larson wrote, "Thank you to "Rabbi" Perlstein and Les Guttfrend" (who aided the two oldest boys in reporting the abuse by both parents) "that when my precious nephews came to YOU for help you didn't immediately report the abuse, but sent them back into that house for more than two weeks to gather 'evidence' to prove that they were abused. That recording of my niece being whipped is courtesy of these two 'men' (and I use that term loosely.) Had they reported it immediately she would have NEVER received that beating. Thank you for protecting them. You should be so proud of yourselves."

The recording Larson refers to is of Graydon Drown beating a young child with a fiberglass rod tipped with a knotted cord. In the recording the young child was screaming and crying while her mother Robyn Drown chatted in the background and did nothing to come to the defense of the child. The recording was key evidence in the case, implicated guilt on the part of both parents, and may well have been the proof need to gain the conviction of both parents for the horrendous abuse the children endured over the years.

Attacking the Jewish Community Larson ranted, "Thank you to the DA in this case for vilifying my father by asking him "Why he didn't do anything to help Robyn out of the horrible living conditions she was in?" I wonder though, why didn't you ask any of the Jewish community the same question? After all, they had 'lived' amongst them for more than two years. No one in the Jewish community recognized it ( and their so darn smart, you know.)"

"Thank you to who worked so hard in his defense by trying to bring Robyn down to his level. Thank you all (the judge, the DA, DHS, the Jewish Community, the children's lawer and Graydons lawyer)... And thank you to the jury for finding my sister guilty of heinous crimes that she was charged with, but the children's testimony clearly stated she was not present for, did not participate in, or know of. How do you sleep at night?"

Contrary to Larson's claim, Robyn Drown admitted during her testimony that she did strike the children with objects and never came to their defence or tired to stop their father from beating them.

Judge Hart also heard Robyn Drown's application also filed for a divorce, which Graydon Drown indicated on Thursday that he intended to contest. The divorce case is still pending.

Heather Larson for mother of the year! 14.Jan.2009 18:19


Thanks for continuing your reports and commentary. Apparently the case will not end with the conviction. The children will now become the focus of Heather Larson's and Sandy Lewis's attention. Hopefully Larson's own public statement on the Statesman Journal website will be what prevents her from being awarded custody. But don't expect that to stop her blaming of others. Robyn Drown thought she could blame all the abuse and neglect on Graydon Drown, after all it worked the first time. This a family of habitual blamers who could not take responsibility for anything, even if their children's lives depended on it. Hopefully Larson will be laughed out of family court and due to her obvious mental health issues be prevented from harming them further with her delusional thinking or toxic rage.

an update of sorts 07.Jul.2009 04:16


Robyn and Graydon Drown are (finally) divorced. DHS is moving to terminate their parental rights, but we suspect that it will take at least as long as the divorce, which for some mysterious reason took a year.