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pics of informant/snitch/motherfucker brandon darby

so i looked through my pictures from post-katrina new orleans in fall 2005, and found some shots of the informant brandon darby at a rally against police brutality in november 2005 in front of the 'justice center' in new orleans...including a couple of strangely ironic pictures showing brandon leaning against a national guard jeep with the US flag flying high above.
Brandon (behind) 'listening' to a New Orleans elder talk abt police brutality
Brandon (behind) 'listening' to a New Orleans elder talk abt police brutality
he's the guy in the army green t-shirt holding the megaphone

the informant title is big potatoes 12.Jan.2009 20:43

no pants dance party

How did you draw these conclusions? Not second guessing you. It is nice to give a little more information so folks don't get the impression that you are outing a non-cop. Was this dude in the PDX scene? XOXO NPDP

oh, i didn't mention that - he himself came out as an informant 12.Jan.2009 23:54

original poster

so, he recently outed himself as an fbi informant after getting 2 kids in on felony charges at the RNC. there's a whole website now about it:  http://www.brandondarby.com

He wasn't in Portland at all, but lots of folks from here traveled to New Orleans to help ....if you did, you probably worked with him.

More pics 14.Jan.2009 14:25


More of Darby

Don't fool yourself 18.Jan.2009 09:19


This guy isn't the only one. I know several people who talk a good game but when the rubber hits the road they turn. A lot of people don't have it in them to do time and will go to the state's side if given a deal. I know a few people who were really down until they got locked up. Don't trust anyone, they talk a great game but in the end they have no game.