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Obama waiting to be international super hero?

Obama loves to talk about the economic salvation he is planning, but when it comes to the Israeli aslaught on Gaza he says "we only have one president at a time"
Is Obama just waiting to be like his hero Reagan and be a world savior? There have been reports for years that the Reagan "team" delayed the Iranians to release hostages until Reagan was officially president. Is it possible that Obama waits as children, woman, men and lives are destroyed so he can be savior president? Do not be surprise if the Israelis stop the moments Obama is swarn in or when Obama announces some sort of cease fire. Its all about image. Its crucial for the NeoLiberal Obama regime to appear as the Great Law Giver adn Savior of the world. In the meantime the Israelis can break the backs of a newly discovered natural gas rich Gaza and hence delay of liberated Gaza.