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Police Shine Spotlight On Joe Anybody Camera

While filming under the bridge, the police attempt to block my view
(PS I was also informed a police sweep would be happening on Saturday night)
I went to see if the homeless people under the Burnside Bridge in Portland Oregon were getting hassled for being "homeless" I seen a man getting arrested so I started filming from 50 yards away. As I filmed one officer in a car started shining his spot light to block me from filming. What I don't like is I just won a tort claim against the city police for taking my camera and for ticketing me for "filming them" ... I won my case  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/12/383132.shtml

... I can film... anyone can film the police in public
I also won 100 bucks ... a small fee that I attached to say I want policy change not money.

One month latter the police are trying to block me again. I don't like this nor think it is appropriate. In good faith I didn't sue them for big dollars ...and yet they still play their "cover up games" ...

This begs the question just what "Are the Portland Police Trying to Hide?"

This was filmed on 1.9.09. I was informed by people under the bridge that the police that arrested the man, said they would be back tomorrow 1.10.09 to "sweep the homeless" from under the bridge...

See you there ~joe anybody

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

A new Auditor is getting elected 10.Jan.2009 15:07

Jasun Wurster

As always Joe thanks for shining the light on Portland Police conduct.

A new city Auditor is going to get elected who is in charge of the Independent Police Review. This is a position that can be Publicly Pinanced.

However, it is in jeopardy as the current Auditor is proposing that the election happen 4 months from now. Thus not allowing ample time for a citizen qualified (must be a CPA) to get public financing. Also, most really good CPS's will be busy with Tax Season to be able to run.

The best thing that we can do is make this public and demand that city council hold this election in September to allow for Publicly Financed people run for this office.

A meeting is being held on Monday by the Citizens Campaign Commission at 5:30PM at city hall that could use public input:

 link to www.portlandonline.com

If you can not make the meeting you can leave comments at: 503-823-3546 or  andrew.carlstrom@ci.portland.or.us

Also. city council is going to vote on this issue on Wednesday and public testimony is needed there as well.

Next Portland City Auditor?
Next Portland City Auditor?

video link 13.Jan.2009 01:18

Joe Anybody

cops shine spotlight on my camera video

homeless man kicked by police under the bridge 14.Jan.2009 21:20

Joe Anybody www.joe-anybody.com

I talked to this man under the bridge on Jan 10 2009.
He tells me his story of being kicked for no reason


let's help 18.Jan.2009 09:14


Did anyone read the story about the homeless guy freezing to death during the winter storm? What happened to the guy in this story isn't right but we are not totally innocent. Perhaps giving this guy a ride to a shelter? If the shelter is full, perhaps take him home. I have let homeless people stay in my house a number of times without incident. Shame on the city for the treatment of these forgotten people but also shame on us for not personally doing a thing about it. Next time, buy the guy a dinner and get him somewhere warm. If you can't find a warm place, take him home, shower him, feed him, wash his clothes and get him some services the next day.