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Neuronal Entrainment of the Human Brain, An Admission By USA

See the data below and tell your friends to stop pretending that the fbi/cia/nsa/US Marines do not use the technology against our own people.
The fbi prevents me from posting the following information on my site to date to date The data shown in the Neuron Entrainment link below confirms that indeed the fbi/cia/marines, etc. have (and use) the high tech weaponry against human beings, and more particularly against this veteran:
This is the site that the fbi does not want the data to be seen on:

Note that under the Psychoelectronic bombardment section (at world in a box), there are several links; here is one more very important link to add to the list.
[The links as shown below on my world in a box page are the locations which the fbi prevents the data from appearing]:

C h e m i c a l, biological, and viral assaults on human beings
.pdf < http://www.governmentattic.org/docs/FBI-Army_Bacteriological_Warfare-Weapons.pdf>

Stalking and kidnapping and fraudulent stings by law enforcement

f < http://www.governmentattic.org/docs/FBI_FOIPA_EffectOnLawEnforcement_2004.pdf>

Psychoelectronic bombardment
< link to www.governmentattic.org

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