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it's not just 'haze' in the air. it's pge boardman's massive toxins...mercury, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, and much more.....worst air polluter in the pacific northwest, affecting three states, significantly lowering the air quality in a circumference for hundreds of miles. the oregon department of environmental quality is now holding pivotal hearings regarding pacific gas and electric's dinosaur coal-fired power plant, located in boardman, oregon, pge boardman.
The COMMENT PERIOD For PGE's Boardman Coal fired plant HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JANUARY 30, 2009. Please take a moment to let the Commissioners know what you think about the massive emissions from PGE Boardman's coal fired power plant, a real blot on the region since its start=up in the early '90s. See PREWRITTEN LETTER through web address at end of this post, or WRITE YOUR OWN.



Did you know. . .

PGE Boardman is the largest stationary source of air pollution and greenhouse gases in the state of Oregon yet it has no modern pollution control devices.

Pollution from PGE Boardman impacts air quality, human health, vast areas of the environment, and the Columbia's water and fish.

PGE Boardman emits a constant stream of toxic emissions that pollute the Columbia River and flow through the Columbia River Gorge. THE OREGONIAN reported that the PGE Boardman coal-fired power plant burns four to five freight trains worth of coal each week--each 115 cars long.

OREGONIAN article:  link to www.oregonlive.com

PGE Boardman is the second largest industrial source of mercury emissions in the state.

PGE Boardman's annual mercury release is enough to contaminate 2.6 million acres of lakes, four times the surface area of all the lakes in Oregon.

Pollutants emitted by PGE Boardman include nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxides that cause acid rain, impair water quality and harm fish, not to mention that this particulate matter pollutes the air breathed by almost all residents of Oregon and Washington.

PGE Boardman's very toxic emissions significantly lower the air quality in a giant circumference around the plant for hundreds of miles affecting the health of millions. The state of Washington cleaned up its Centralia coal fired power plant ten years ago. Why must we wait another 2 years until Oregon's DEQ regulates PGE Boardman to begin to do so?

PGE Boardman can serve up to 280,000 rate payers. Yet its operations rain down mercury, sulfur, and many more toxins on millions of rate payers in Oregon, and millions of rate payers of other cleaner utilities in Washington. Why can't PGE switch immediately to wind for those rate payers, and close Boardman right now? and if PGE cannot do this, why are Oregonians still having to deal with PGE? Why can't we scrap PGE and take over our own utility operation? If PGE is not serving the interests of its rate payers in protecting our health by trading cheap or non existent controls of air pollution for cheap rates, then maybe PGE should consider a better system or be scrapped. Perhaps Oregon rate payers should take over their own utilities.

Oregon rate payers should have the option to switch to solar on the roof and get paid for their unused power which is sold back to the utility as in Germany. That would keep rates cheap and eliminate the bad air.

DEQ Needs to Hear from You!

E-mail or Mail Your Comments to:
Brian Finneran
Department of Environmental Quality
811 SW Sixth Ave
Portland, OR 97204

DUE JANUARY 30th! Write your comments online. Tell Oregon's decision makers . . .

DEQ should require industry-standard controls at the plant! That would reduce harmful pollution by over 90%. Instead, Oregon DEQ has been allowing the plant to operate for years with minimum controls, and not even requiring that PGE operate the equipment at optimal levels once it's eventually installed.

This polluting system has been allowed to exist long enough! DEQ is supposed to serve citizens and protect our health.

Oregonians deserve a DEQ that will aggressively protect our state's environment, our water quality, and especially the health of our citizenry!.

DEQ's proposed emission limitations should be lowered to reflect what the proposed control technologies can achieve. PGE has no excuse, and has not had an excuse for the last decade! for emitting more pollution when the required equipment can consistently achieve lower pollution levels.

DEQ should insist that PGE clean up NOW, or close the plant, or clearly Oregonians will scrap PGE.

DEQ should insist that required mercury pollution reductions occur on schedule. Insist on industry-standard controls for PGE Boardman or closure now.

For a pre-written letter and another online place to comment,

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