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Johannes Mehserle, BART pig who murdered Oscar Grant

Johannes Mehserle, BART pig who murdered Oscar Grant. Age 27, residence Alameda, CA
Johannes Mehserle, BART pig who murdered Oscar Grant. Age 27, residence Alameda, CA.

Still looking for address and phone number ~ little help?

Realtive in Napa 08.Jan.2009 19:51

still confused

TODD MEHSERLE Get More Information Record Created: 10/2004
1200 MILTON RD Satellite Photo & Map Check for Email Address Google
NAPA, CA 94559 (707) 252-9208

TODD the shooter 08.Jan.2009 21:51


is todd the man who shot oscar?

My Research on the Murder of Oscar Grant Reveals 09.Jan.2009 03:04

Daniel Vincent Kelley rocyahsoul@yahoo.com

I read one bloggers call for Johannes (Hebrew for God is Gracious) Mehserle to be charged with "Gross Criminal Negligence"!?!?!?!? Woh, maybe we watched two different execution videos. The cop was obviously unaware there were numerous people recording the scene on their cellphones. He grimaces when he looks up and sees the train full of people who just witnessed his extrajudicial homicide. He was probably thinking about how many more people he'd have to shoot to get away with it. I just read someone elses comment on a different article. They debunked the notion that he thought he was wielding his taser by how he was holding his gun, called "cup and saucer", it's a means to control the kickback. Note also the gun barely moves when he fires it. If he thought he was firing a taser, why would his grip have been set to control the recoil of a handgun? What you don't see in some angles of the videos that were shot is that the cops are surrounded by people, good size athletic men, who seem agitated that they're abusing their friends. One of the cops (not the shooter) seems calm. Oscar is on his knees pleading with him in the moments before he's shot. The murderer cop is frantic and rather than deal with Oscar as the nonthreat that he obviously was on his knees and showing his hands at shoulder height, the cop decides to go super bully and throw him on the ground. From one angle of the tape there's a kid sitting on the ground seperated from Oscar and his friends who are sitting up against the wall. This kid set off to the side is handcuffed with his hands behind his back. That that kid was handcuffed and Oscar and two of his friends were not, and were pleading with the cops, indicates that they were being detained for merely knowing someone who was in a fight on the train, NOT in a fight on the train as the news here in Boston is marring Oscars memory. If Oscar had been in a fight on the train, he'd have been in handcuffs for sure, not sitting up against a wall with no hand cuffs trying to talk to the cops. CNN records he had been telling his friends to be cooperative and do what the cops asked. If he'd have been in a fight the cops wouldn't even have said boo to him before they ordered him to get on the ground face down and put cuffs on him. While Oscar does seem to be struggling to keep from being put in cuffs, it seems he's doing that because he's done nothing wrong and thinks that if he gets put in cuffs he'll be arrested, which is probably reality, a cop that'll shoot a kid in the back, will obviously lie to invent a charge. He probably would have been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, if the cop hadn't felt so empowered to shoot him wantonly. So Oscar went from detained as guilty by association, to physically abused for dealing very peaceably with one cop who seemed to be entertaining his plea, to then shot in the back for resisting being cuffed. Resisting arrest is not an appropriate term here as it seems obvious by the video Oscar had done nothing wrong. By his not already being in cuffs it seems he wasn't a direct participant in the fight and by his trying to talk to the cops from his knees it seems he was being nonaggressive and cooperative with their investigation. I'm guessing he was probably trying to tell the cops about how the other party to the fight had attacked his friend. The cops physical abuse was outrageous. Having two people's body weight applied to your neck and back by sustained knee is egregiously painful and certainly no way to arrive at compliance as people are generally predisposed to rejecting so severe a pain. If you're going to put your knee so hard in a grown man's back you're going to have to beat them unconscious to realize compliance. The other route is to ease up which if you didn't turn it into a life threatening situation may yield compliance. Notice that when the cops get off his back, Oscar does not get up from the floor. All they had to do to yield compliance is not damage his kidney and neck with their knees... The most damnable evidence against this murderous cop is that after Oscar is shot with likely a sucking chest wound, (would need a piece of plastic like a plastic bag or credit card compressed to the wound as first aid), after he's shot in the back, the murderous cop rolls him over, so then his wound is where gravity will bleed him dead quick. What the hell kind of name is Johannes Mehserle? Sounds like he's Mossad. I read someone comment on another article that the cop seemed to put his hands to his face as a sign of remorse. That's not how I read his nose scratch in the least. The nose has a spongy tissue that readily fills with the bodies chemistry. Which when you've shot someone is strongly adrenaline. If your nose is long infected, as most adults, and it fills with adrenaline you'll itch in your nose. Which seems to be the real reason the cop scratches his nose after he shoots the kid, is due the adrenaline rush to his long infected nose. There's a cop who has viewed the videos and says it looks like an execution. 3 use of force experts I read in one article all agreed the shooting was unwarranted. In reality if any of those people were officers of the law, they'd have drawn their guns on the rogue cop and told him to put down his weapon belt. As it is they let him finish the kid off by putting his bullet wound where gravity would carry blood out of him quickly. This situation is pure and simple murder. There's no two ways about it. If no one had recorded the scene the cop probably wouldn't even have been suspended. The transit tapes would have been suppressed. Johannes Mehserle wouldn't have resigned. The other cops would have testi-lied to Oscar Grants resisting and concocted a story about his seeming to reach for a weapon. The whole thing would be a wash and a murderous cop would still be on duty. Now the police force in all of their viciously brutal essence have been caught with their pants down. They waited a week and still haven't arrested an obviously murderous sociopath. When he is arrested, as the public pressure mounts, he'll probably be charged with less than murder. This as the department is going to feel the need to press charges but will look absolutely ridiculous to have not arrested a murderer on the day of the murder. If they could have gotten away with not charging him at all, obvious to me, that is what they would have done. Cops don't care if your a sociopathic murderer, as long as you're a cop. While in writ the law applies to everyone, in practice the law applies only to those not charged with protecting the government. While it may seem the government doesn't need much protection, people aren't attacking Mayors for instance with any regularity, in the times impending that the governments failure to protect the people becomes so very obvious, every government official will be a target, not just of the people but of the higher government officials who will need to clear the evidence trail that is the lower government officials who allowed and perpetrated the misgivings that are the present brutal and murderous state. Happy World Oil Production Decline Nuclear Ice Age everyone! Drop me a line if you care to hear more. Daniel Vincent Kelley rocyahsoul@yahoo.com http://www.lamegame.name

Oscar Grant and his daughter.
Oscar Grant and his daughter.

be very careful 09.Jan.2009 10:10


You all need to be extremely careful when you post an address. You may not care what happens to the ex-cop or his direct family, but if that address is not his - either he has moved or it is someone with the same last name - how would you feel if something happened to an innocent bystander who happened to have his address?

It is incredibly reckless to post that information.

WHAT! 09.Jan.2009 10:56


"It is incredibly reckless to post that information." Oh come on! Thats just about enough!!! So these non human thugs should be allowed to murder and then go hide! do not even go there!

hydhdcjfjc 09.Jan.2009 17:28


police are hired killers used to control society,not enforce ''laws''.money and rssource wasting killers stop them before they kill maim again

His address makes no difference 09.Jan.2009 18:54

yeah so

The question isn't just retribution on this asshole. For killer cop like him there are a thousands more. The problem is the system which protects cop like this. He probably has all the security and protection that any other criminal would be jealous of. The cop who shot Timothy Thomas and incited the Cincinnati riots is still working as a cop in another area. Cutting off the head of the snake is the only way to stop it. The system which condones murder when someone in uniform commits it is the problem. The inherent racism in our culture is the problem. We are one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. We torture. We kill innocent people. The first step is to get it into people's heads that we are NOT a free country- especially if you are black.