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how to build revolutionary and solidarity movements

what are the important steps towards reaching these goal?
news reports come in from all over the world about atrocities against civilians and nations who have consistently been abused by the first and second world. lately there have been calls for building solidarity, and rightly so. but what are the important steps towards reaching this goal?

one of the first things required for building a movement is acquiring resources. this will never happen while people spend their money on drugs,alcohol, cigarettes, and their byproducts. many people know that the black panther movement was stopped in its tracks by drugs. once someone is under the influence they are easily manipulated, or looking to find something entertaining to do.
no, writing your name in spray paint is not part of the movement. no, taking your girlfriend to the movies is not part of the movement, nor is buying books about che, going to shows, wearing patches, acting wildly, going shopping, buying a new puppy, getting pregnant.
the revolutionary movement requires people to support each other. during the revolution in india people gave away their jewelry for medical supplies. when someone new came to an area they were fed and sheltered. homeless people are not your enemies, laugh at them and you become a hippocrite. chances are they need sobering and a good solid meal, just like you. there will never be change in the right direction while the victims are persecuted by other victims. elitism is not revolutionary.
the revolution needs a diversity of tactics, and toleration. democrats and liberals must accept that communists and anarchists want a healthy change. if you are afraid of the unknown, is it better to accept the known. are communists and anarchists worse than nazi fascism? or the new world order of rights for the rich only? communists and anarchists must realize their own fascistic tendencies and evolve.
colors preferences are not part of the movement, not with skin or clothes. what your hair looks like is not part of the movement.
to borrow from the buddha, the path of the movement must be extremely wide, and very smooth. the revolutions will only succeed by allowing for space for all to participate.
use your skills to build solidarity now. dont wait. like meditation, do something for the revolution every day. begin by becoming sober, and fit.
revolutionary solidarity begins with you. no one can do your part, no one can cooperate in your place. solidarity needs everyones support. marches show our commitment, and our numbers. if you dont want your identity known then mask up! if you dont want to mask up or march then there are thousands of other thongs you can do! feed people, shelter people, write letters and revolutionary articles, sober up, create revolutionary collectives, acquire resources, stop thinking that your looks are revolutionary, stop supporting musicians that dont practice what they preach, organize sit-ins, occupy unused buildings, encourage your boss to be sustainable, learn how to grow your own food, help out with food not bombs, support revolutionary collectives and businesses. use your resources for the movement. dont depend on someone else to do what you can.
successful revolutionary movements exist, even if only temporarily. remeber that you are not permanent. make your life what youd like to pass on to the next seven generations. dont see anyone as enemies, only people who have yet to join the revolution, and then help them become revolutionary. just as the world turns, so do we.