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Wilsonville-based company "FLIR" puts all of Gaza in its crosshairs

Look closely at the footage the Israelis are releasing of their bommbings of Gaza. You can clearly see the "FLIR" label on some of them. This company cannot hide their involvement. They need to get out of the government contracting business and stick to explicitly selling their technology for civilian uses, or they need to be shut down!
If you were watching Democracy Now today, during the music break before the UNRWA representative Christopher Gunness spoke you may have been watching the "precision" bomb-dropping footage in horror already. But look closer, it gets worse. The FLIR watermark is there for all to see. This is a global company that makes "precision targeting systems" for sale to "friendly" militaries like Israel, and their GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS is based just south of Portland.

If someone can do a picture grab of the FLIR crosshairs shown on Democracy Now and put it up here, it would be much appreciated:



here is contact and address information for FLIR and another military contractor that is based right in the same neighborhood:

From flir.com: "FLIR's proven technology provides extreme precision in target acquisition."

Check out their Israel branch: flir.com/IL

Flir Systems Inc - www.flir.com
27700 SW Parkway Ave # A, Wilsonville - (503) 498-3547

Flir Systems Inc - www.flir.com
16505 SW 72ND Ave, Portland - (503) 684-3731

............................MENTOR GRAPHICS:

"Oregon-based company, Mentor Graphics, has been doing business in Israel since 1986 selling graphic software tools and applications to the Israeli government. These tools are used for telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductors and aerospace. Most of the purchases are made through the New York Office of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. According to Judy Erdmann, European Liason for Mentor Graphics, "it is very worthwhile to do business in Israel" and she "highly recommends that other companies do business in Israel."

Mentor Graphics CDC - www.mentor.com
8005 SW Boeckman Road, Wilsonville - (503) 685-1571

Mentor Graphics Corporation - www.mentor.com
8005 SW Boeckman Rd, Wilsonville - (503) 685-7000

Mentor Graphics Corporation: Sales Office - www.mentor.com
8005 SW Boeckman Rd, Wilsonville - (800) 547-3000

Umm....it wasn't a logo 07.Jan.2009 18:27

Toe Tag

Before y'all knee-jerk out and do something dumb, FLIR is also the generic term for Forward Looking InfraRed technology, used for surveillance and targeting. It shows up on the video screen of an aircraft so that the pilot (or anyone watching the playback) can distinguish FLIR from "visible" or whatever other system they can use. Besides, military orgs (Israeli, US, Venezuelan or anyone else) don't like their vendors to cadge free advertising, it tends to get to get in the way of the mission. Cf. "Catch 22"

but wait another minute 07.Jan.2009 21:29

john doe

so, saying that someone sees a corporate logo is not the same as an infared system. why would someone design military software and put the name of the program on the screen. that would be the same as seeing "dvd" in the corner of a movie. sounds more like a corporate logo than software.


world headquarters, Wilsonville, Oregon

Go to their website. You may be correct that other companies manufacture FLIR technology. But it is quite clear from the flir.com website and their subsidiary websites in Israel, that they ARE supplying these "extreme precision targeting systems" to the Israeli Defense Forces. Look into it, it is really shocking what you will discover at their website. --- flir.com ---

After the Friday rally and march at Pioneer Square at 5pm we hope to get a contingent down to the FLIR campus in Wilsonville to take a little tour and make the presence of this war contractor in our community a reality to us. On Saturday since the intercity buses don't run, we might go out to the 72nd street location. Come along, ask some questions, learn about the arms export process and share your views on its consequences.

Re. Umm....it wasn't a logo 07.Feb.2009 15:13


As Toe Tag mentions, there is not a FLIR corp logo on the video. FLIR simply means forward looking infrared and companies all over the world manufacture FLIRs. As a matter of fact, some of them are are made in Israel. Unfortunately, bombs are dropped in this world. Would you rather see this done without modern technology? Many more innocent lives would be lost.