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International Expert on Uranium 238 Wepons Coming to Portland

Leuren Moret will be speaking at the Friends Meeting House, 3-5 PM this Sunday.


International Expert on Depleted Uranium (DU)

Sunday, Jan. 11, 3-5pm

Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Start Street, Portland, OR

$10 at the Door

Moret will be speaking on DU's air-borne health hazards and its genetic destruction to offspring of those exposed to DU-coated weaponry or DU residue in the Gulf, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan wars. DU particles involve easy passage from the infected person to friends, family, work cohorts, et al by any physical contact. Cancer and diabetes are the suspected results of DU exposure.

Sponsored by PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance

PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance will meet this Wednesday and every Wednesday this month at 7 PM at Three Friends Coffee House Located at 201 SE 12th Ave Portland, Oregon