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Bergin arraignment report back

I attended the arraignment for William Bergin this afternoon.
The court room of Judge Jeffrey S. Jones was crowded this afternoon. Many cases had been re-scheduled because of the weather over the past few weeks, so the docket was full. William Bergin entered the room with his attorney Des Connell and they chatted about driving in the snow while we waited for the judge to enter. Channel 12 news was present and allowed to have a better view of the proceedings than those of us seated in the back of the room... The outcome of that process is yet to be determined.

Comment: Well, after convincing the District Attorney's Office that the public is entitled to know the name of the Deputy who is handling the arraignment (not an easy task), it was learned that Deputy District Attorney Michael Regan (503 655 8431) was charged with seeking "justice" in the matter of Mr. Bergin...Stay tuned.
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