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Al Jazeera Arabic

Not available?
Why is Al Jazeera Arabic not available on line (yes the internet!) in this region! What is this, some kind of blackout? I am offended! Why is there no overage on what is really happening!!!!!! Where is the coverage about the meeting in Damascus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is live on Al Jazeera. "Livestation. This channel is not available in your region. Sorry for the inconvenience" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? WHY IS IT NOT AVAILABLE!!!


We are in serious trouble.

Tried their Web page? 06.Jan.2009 18:41

Toe Tag

it's true 06.Jan.2009 22:36

of course i don't speak arabic anyway

There is no video where you would expect it at  http://aljazeera.net/Channel/Livestreaming

But the english version works:


Or you can bookmark this link & it opens directly in your media player:

 link to europarse.real.com

What's wrong with Aljezera in English? 07.Jan.2009 00:26


What I found 07.Jan.2009 00:26


Google search on "alJazeera in arabic" returns some hits in arabic, with URLs in english for "aljazeera", etc.

Here is one, which brings a home page, all in
Arabic, except for "Aljazeera Channel" in English at the top of the page.

Here is another, which delivers a home page, essentially all Arabic, with English: "Aljazeera Documentary Channel" heading. It appears to offer video clips.


I haven't (yet) found an Aljazeera constant, live video stream in Arabic (something similar to the stream in English that can be viewed with RealPlayer, for instance). Maybe these Arabic home pages provide links to alJazeera streams in Arabic.

Here is a Google hit that appears to specifically offer an al Jazeera stream in Arabic:


clicking on that URL delivers the following error message:

You don't have permission to access /_go.channel.php on this server.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."


Here is another hit that specifically offers al Jazeera stream in Arabic, but advises that it can be "received anywhere in the world _except the U.S.A_! (China ain't got nothin' on the "home of the free [lunch] and the land of the brave [shopper]!)

 link to www.livestation.com

BINGO ! ! !

Here is a hit that loads my viewer (Quicktime) with a continuous stream of Arabic al Jazeera! It's a low quality/speed/resolution stream of 56k!! But it's al Jazeera in Arabic.



Here is another hit that delivers the same Arabic stream as above (low quality/speed/resolution) at 56k.



Some subscription options came up, some offering highspeed connections. Maybe Big Brother has embargoed those, too. Leaving only the low res/56k versions to squeak through the digital border fence.


English vs. Arabaic 07.Jan.2009 11:00


The english channel has nothing close to the uncensored material the arabic channel has.

Thank you! 07.Jan.2009 18:00



That the one that works.

The Arabic channel is uncensored. The Palestinian Resistance are shown during actual fighting. It is amazing to see these people with old rifles work together to fight jets and tanks! It is truly incredible what people will do for their Liberty!