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Another "Less Lethal" case gone more lethal?

Oscar Grant, 22, was killed January 1 in a shooting at a subway station in California's Bay Area (BART). He was shot, point blank range, in the back, while one officer held him down with a knee to the neck, and the other stood back, drew his weapon, and fired.
The "reason" for the homicide by cop has yet to be stated, but it would appear that the well trained officer may have been reaching for his "less lethal" taser, but forgot which holster it was in. There could be little other explanation. The good news, if there can be any, after this young, father of four was murdered by agents of the state, is that there were several video cameras and cell phones to witness the murder. Perhaps the San Francisco District Attorney will be unable to shield the grand jury from the facts of the homicide, as is usually the case. Perhaps, just this once, the cops will be made to answer for this unanswerable crime. Maybe not.

Karina Vargas, who also provided a video to local tv news, said the men had been pulled from the train car in front of hers.
Burris said Tuesday that the young men had been celebrating the new year at a popular waterfront tourist spot, The Embarcadero. They were heading home when police pulled them from the train car.

Some of the young men were handcuffed, but not 22-year-old Oscar Grant. The video from the anonymous passenger shows Grant seated on the floor with his back against the wall.

Grant holds up his hands, appearing to plead with police. Burris (the victim's family attorney) said Tuesday that Grant was asking police not to use a Taser.

"He said to them, 'Don't Tase me; I have a 4-year-old daughter,' " Burris said.

The interaction on the video is not audible.

Seconds later, police put Grant face-down on the ground. Grant appears to struggle.

One of the officers kneels on Grant as another officer stands up, tugs at his gun, unholsters it and fires a shot into Grant's back.

Burris said the bullet went through Grant's back and then ricocheted off the floor and through his lungs.

Grant, who has a 4-year-old daughter, died seven hours later.

"I couldn't believe it. We was already following directions and everything, and they shot him," Fernando Anicete, one of the young men with Grant, told A local t.v. reporter.
Burris has spoken to witnesses who claim that Grant was trying to resolve the situation.

oops 06.Jan.2009 21:34

um, "i feared for my life" ?

So they weren't "tasering" him in order to prevent him from resisting, or being physically disruptive ...

Piggy-wiggy was gonna "taser" him just to shut him up and punish him for running his mouth.

Well the other gun served that purpose too I suppose.

officer friendly 06.Jan.2009 21:50

serving and protecting

The main problem with tasers is that cops use them when dangerous violence is not necessary, of course, but it's hard to stop them from doing that because there is a strong fascist element in society which blames the people "beneath" them for society's problems, identifies mentally with the police, and believes that people who are defiant or just bothersome to an officer SHOULD be shocked until they shit themselves, to teach them a lesson.

But an even greater problem with tasers, which might disturb even these fascists if they would stop and think about it, is that tasers are never INTRODUCED in order to discipline the public and teach us a lesson. It might be better if they were, since after a few years that's always how they are used anyway, and if the whole public rationale for HAVING tasers was to zap us when we're uppity then the cops would not be trained to REACH FOR A FIREARM whenever the taser "doesn't work."

The TRAINING says you don't pull the taser out whenever you feel like it. The TRAINING says you use the fucking thing if somebody's life is in danger, and if the target continues to be dangerous after that then you kill him. The PRACTICE is they zap anybody who pisses them off. And the result, unfortunately, which even the fascists may not have intended, is that the cops are now actually TRAINED to kill people who piss them off.