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Bergin arraignment report back

I attended the arraignment for William Bergin this afternoon.
The court room of Judge Jeffrey S. Jones was crowded this afternoon. Many cases had been re-scheduled because of the weather over the past few weeks, so the docket was full. William Bergin entered the room with his attorney Des Connell and they chatted about driving in the snow while we waited for the judge to enter.

Channel 12 news was present and allowed to have a better view of the proceedings than those of us seated in the back of the room. Before other cases were called, Mr. Connell motioned Bergin forward. It was very difficult to hear what was going on, but I believe that Mr. Connell has filed to quash the motion of recusel which had been filed by Michelle Burrows on behalf of the Kaady family. The outcome of that process is yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, Connell waved the reading of the charges and a new court date was set for February 16, 2009. There are details about which I have questions and I will try to post an update here in a few hours.

More info 06.Jan.2009 15:36

court witless

Well, after convincing the District Attorney's Office that the public is entitled to know the name of the Deputy who is handling the arraignment (not an easy task), it was learned that Deputy District Attorney Michael Regan (503 655 8431) was charged with seeking "justice" in the matter of Mr. Bergin. Nothing else could be gleaned from this, the most uncooperative office I have found within the Clackamas County Bureaucracy.

I then contacted a most informative person at the office of the Court Clerk, who informed me that the arraignment this date served to allow the complaint to be read (in this case waved), and to then set a "case management" date (February 16), where the attorneys will then haggle over any possible plea bargains, and scratch each other's backs, running up the legal fees, and clogging the criminal justice system. At that time, it will be determined pretty much, whether or not there will be a trial, and if so, when. It is all designed to assure that the public will lose interest, and that the lawyers will get the maximum benefit from a minimum of actual exposure of the process to light. Stay tuned.

What, no Kyle Iboshi? 06.Jan.2009 18:28


I notice he didn't attend today. At least, I saw him on the news tonite doing some fluff piece that had nothing to do with Bergin. So I assume he wasn't there this time. I guess he got his feathers clipped by Indy Court Reporter.

No, I guess his one remaining question has been answered. 07.Jan.2009 12:36


Either that, or he has figured out how patently stupid his one remaining question was. If he had a brain, he would at least have had a couple of questions regarding the sobriety and fitness of Bergin and Willard.