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a good place for clothing donations?

I cleaned out my closets and have a small pile of clothes in various conditions.
I'm wondering where are good places to drop off clothing donations. I'd rather not go the Goodwill/Salvation Army route.

you might try to drop off *useable* clothes at blackrose 06.Jan.2009 14:26

liberate clothes

drop them off during opening hours:
12pm-8pm(or 6pm...depending on winter hours)

4038 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR

unuseable clothes will just end up in the garbage so try to only bring stuff in wearable condition.

Lend a Helping Hand 06.Jan.2009 17:35

Human Solutions' Helping Hand Community Store

Our family likes to donate our clothing to HELPING HANDS COMMUNITY STORE, 9999 N.E. Glisan, Portland. (It used to be located across the street from Cleveland High School and moved about a year ago.)

Check for "store" hours: (503) 517-0298 or (503) 517-0297.

The "store" is not truly a "store," in the sense that no money exchanges hands. Clients are allowed to pick up to ten items of clothing a month at no cost. I believe it is on the honor system.

We have a growing son and he has outgrown clothes before they have worn out. We donate to them because a large number of Helping Hands clients are families -- homeless, working poor and generally low-income -- and like you we would rather see our gently-used clothing go directly to people in need rather than using a middle-person like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

For more information, see www.humansolutions.org