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VIDEO: Cease Fire - Gaza Attacked - Protest in Portland 1.4.09

filmed in Portland Oregon on Sunday 1.4.09
There was a protest in Portland on Sunday around Pioneer Square
This is volume #.1 from my footage from that 2 hour event
I will post more footage (right here on this page) when it is completed


The outrage of Israel attacking Gaza has caused hundreds of Portland citizens to ...
stand out in public in the cold weather ... to denounce the killings and the attack and occupation of Gaza

There was 200 to 300 hundred passionate concerned protesters, who maintained a constant presence and loudly expressed their outrage over the killing spree in Gaza.

I seen only one police car drive slowly by (and told a protester by nordstroms to not stand in the street) and a couple security guards from the square were standing around off to the side

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

FLIR and Mentor Graphics enable Israeli attacks 06.Jan.2009 14:48

both have headquarters in Wilsonville, very near each other

It is easy to take the bus from Portland to the HQ's: just take the #12 out Barbur Blvd to the Barbur transit station and transfer to the Wilsonville-bound "SMART" bus (South Metro Area Transit). These buses don't run as often as the rest of the TriMet buses, but they run often enough. A couple of bucks will get you to Wilsonville and a few more will get you back. Anybody attending a Courthouse Square event can easily be in Wilsonville within an hour by bus, if you plan right. The 72nd Avenue FLIR may be worth visiting, but it appears the main HQ is in Wilsonville and if you go there you get the added bonus of visiting Mentor Graphics as well.

Here is basic supplemental info on these two businesses that were mentioned in earlier posts here on Indymedia:

From flir.com: "FLIR's proven technology provides extreme precision in target acquisition."

Check out their Israel branch: flir.com/IL

Flir Systems Inc - www.flir.com
27700 SW Parkway Ave # A, Wilsonville - (503) 498-3547

Flir Systems Inc - www.flir.com
16505 SW 72ND Ave, Portland - (503) 684-3731

............................MENTOR GRAPHICS:

"Oregon-based company, Mentor Graphics, has been doing business in Israel since 1986 selling graphic software tools and applications to the Israeli government. These tools are used for telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductors and aerospace. Most of the purchases are made through the New York Office of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. According to Judy Erdmann, European Liason for Mentor Graphics, "it is very worthwhile to do business in Israel" and she "highly recommends that other companies do business in Israel."

Mentor Graphics CDC - www.mentor.com
8005 SW Boeckman Road, Wilsonville - (503) 685-1571

Mentor Graphics Corporation - www.mentor.com
8005 SW Boeckman Rd, Wilsonville - (503) 685-7000

Mentor Graphics Corporation: Sales Office - www.mentor.com
8005 SW Boeckman Rd, Wilsonville - (800) 547-3000

Boycott Starbucks, for starters!! The CEO Schultz is a Zionist! 06.Jan.2009 16:06


There is an international movement to boycott and even picket Starbuck's in support of a Palestinian and Lebanese boycott of the coffee giant. Starbuck's CEO, Howard Schultz, is reportedly an active supporter of Israel and Zionist causes.

VIDEO: protest vol .2 07.Jan.2009 01:20

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is the second video I have from the protest [outrage] in Portland on 1.4.09 of Gaza being Attacked and the demand for a "Cease Fire Now"

Protest volume #2

VIDEO: Gaza 2009 09.Jan.2009 09:00

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is a video mash up titled GAZA 2009

pictures from:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txk79eNSVAk&feature=channel_page
audio from: Portland Gaza Attack Protest on 1.4.09
Music from: Bill Cushman

missing link for mashup video 09.Jan.2009 09:20

Joe Anybody

the picture sfrom the Gazq 2009 video mashup came from a site I found on Portland Indy Media
Here it is:

sorry ..here is link for pics 09.Jan.2009 09:28

joe (1/2 awake)

protest vol 3 13.Jan.2009 00:31

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is volume 3 from the January 4 "Free Gaza Now" protest

It is around 17 minutes long

The March:

protest vol 3 - video 13.Jan.2009 00:33

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

17 minutes long

Free Gaza Now protest vol 3 "The March"

protest vol.4 13.Jan.2009 23:42

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com


Here is the last of the Cease Fire Now protest volumes ...#4
Filmed on Jan 4 2009 - Portland Oregon - "The Night Ends"