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Portugal: Youngster of 14 years old shot in the head by the police

Following a police persecution, a youngster with 14 years old was shot in the head yesterday night in Falagueira, Amadora, Portugal.
Situations like that happen in several slums and called "problematics", more and more besieged by the police force, situation that reinforces poverty and segregation with more repression.

The mass media justify and reinforce constantly the police impunity, spreading almost only the police versions, doing themselves the role of the police. In this context, itīs absolutely normal that the police feel free to continue to kill.

Like in Greece - where the death of Alexis outburst a truly and general social unsurrection -, in France - where the suburbs revolted against the death of two youngsters that runned away from the police - and in several others spots in the world where there are murders in uniform, only an answer to the height can end the state terrorism.