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Political prisoner Rod Coronado has been released
Just got this from Chrysta, Rod's partner:

Really, Really! It is true, Rod has already been released and just called me from a gas station in El Reno! He is on his way to us, and then will serve the last 3months in a half-way house! There he can make his own food, visit us when he has visitation passes, work, and escape the sadness and violence within prison.

Rod called me on December 25th, and I asked him if Santa came? He said "yes", and asked to speak with Maya. I thought he didn't hear me, so I asked again. He again asked to talk to Maya. After she spoke to him for a few seconds, she screamed tome: "Daddy is getting out! Santa let daddy get out!"
We both started crying, it seems so surreal and I didn't want to believe in anything until I actually knew he was well out of the walls of El Reno FCI.
And now he is, he is coming home to us, and we are thrilled! Our deepest thanks and love to all who have been with us through this difficult time. It is close to our turn to give back. We intend to do so for all those who need us.
We continue to send our love and prayers to those still imprisoned unjustly. We
hold onto the hope that not long from now those kept from their families and
communities will be returned, and until then, we won't forget them.

I can't believe it! Still...... there are not words to say what is in my heart; for my family, for those who cannot feel this joy for theirs are still locked away, and for those who hope and work for a better way with each step. Thank you, and we love you.


*This is just a little footnote: When I went to sleep on the 24th, Christmas Eve, I asked Santa for my husband back.... just in case he could deliver! HA!

homepage: homepage: http://supportrod.org/

Welcome Home 05.Jan.2009 11:31


Revolution has now begun!!

This is great news! 05.Jan.2009 15:59


I am very happy to hear that Rod will be home soon!

Soon Tre Arrow and Jeff Luers will also be free!