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Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Civilians

YouTube Footage of Your Tax Dollars At Work
Paste this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVEtNc4tGZQ&NR=1

??? 05.Jan.2009 08:52


Not there anymore.

Cowardly YouTube Removed It! 05.Jan.2009 19:16

Original Poster

This was a cameraman arriving at scene right after a public area, perhaps a a mosque, had been hit by large Israeli bomb. Dozens of children, many dead, others missing arms or legs, were strewn around a plaza. Dozens of other Gaza citizens were attempting triage, carrying away the wounded who might have a chance to live. This was a scene of pandemonium -- but there was no nudity and no violence. Only badly injured and dead burnt bodies of civilians. Americans need to see this. They need to see what their military industrial machine buys with their tax dollars.