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Murdering Cop William Bergin to be Arraigned Tomorrow

Notorious murder-cop William Bergin is to be arraigned (again) at the Clackamas County Courthouse in Oregon City tomorrow. As you will likely recall, Bergin and his accomplice Deputy Dave Willard gunned down an unarmed, injured accident victim because they were scared that he might get blood on them. He's not being arraigned for that, alas, but he is being arraigned for official misconduct, theft, and whatever else. It might be fun to be there. He's really a scared little man, it seems, and truly frightened of people who read and post to this site. He reads it religiously, and gets all flustered about what people say about him here.
If you would like to interview Mr. Bergin for a story, you should have reporters stationed outside each exit. You should come early, and be willing to stay late. Because last time, Bergin sneaked into the courthouse early, through the back door, to avoid having to face the public. After the arraignment was interrupted by lawyers for the man he murdered, who were there to ask that Bergin's lawyer recuse himself due to a conflict of interest, Bergin literally ran out the back door and fled from anyone who might want real justice, or who might have any tricky questions for him. (He needn't have worried about the corporate media, represented that day in the guise of Kyle Iboshi... they have no tricky questions. Only fawning, soft-ball apologies for him. In Iboshi's now infamous words, "Only one question remains. Was Fouad Kaady on drugs?")

In any event, it promises to be some fun.

According to insiders, Bergin is apparently afraid for his life. Whether he possesses a conscience or not, he at least has an apparent sense of guilt over his senseless slaughter of an unarmed accident victim, since he seems to be certain that someone will take him out for it. Maybe he thinks he deserves such a thing. After all, he did intentionally and willfully torture a bleeding man with a taser just for the heck of it, and then shot the man to death, just for the fun of it. Afterward, he laughed about it, and then lied about it. And although the system let him off, the public is not so willing to forget the whole thing. Bergin is aware of this, and is so frightened he's probably going to be wearing a flack jacket. And he will definitely not walk through the front door like everyone else. He's a back door man.

If you do approach Mr. Bergin, remember that he is usually armed and pathetic. He keeps a gun in his boot, and several others stuffed here and there on his person. Compensating for something, I would think.

For an arraignment, the abortive attempt to arraign him last month was pretty eventful. I would say it could be really fun to be there for this one, too. If you would like to attend, you should probably call the Clackamas County Courthouse (Phone: 503.655.8447) to verify that the arraignment is still scheduled for tomorrow, as they sometimes change dates and times for arraignments. If you are coming from Portland and would like to take the bus, you can take the 35 from downtown to Oregon City (get off at 6th and Main right near the courthouse, it takes about 45 mins or so).

And let this be a lesson to Mr. Bergin and all cops who would kill people just for fun: The system might let you off every time, but you will have to live with your conscience, your fear, your own knowledge, and the judgment of the public for the rest of your life.

time 04.Jan.2009 18:06


It was scheduled for 1:30, but you should still call to make sure it is still on the docket.

Please try to attend! 05.Jan.2009 07:52


People coming out to ensure some kind of accountability has a huge effect on the court and this man. Please try to attend.

TODAY! 05.Jan.2009 08:38


Yes, that's 1:30pm, Monday (today) January 5th.

Some fun.

No, wait! Still time! 05.Jan.2009 17:01

Indy Court Reporter

Actually, the arraignment is currently scheduled for tomorrow, January 6th, at 1:30. As always, call the courthouse to verify in the morning. Yes, there's still time to see the monster in person. Ew.