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electronics "recycling"

The Oregonian had yet another article today about a village poisoned by heavy metal- in this case from car battery "recycling"
"Recycling" in this case and many others means bashing something open to get semi-precious metal and leaving the rest in a pile on the ground, or throwing it in the burn barrel to get rid of the worthless plastic.

Environmental types used to have a little triangle that said "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" Seems that reduce and reuse are at odds with our worship of consumerisim and have been dissapeared.

Many of us still believe in reduce and reuse and hang on to our old stuff a lot longer than Sears or K-mart would like. Or worse, giving the old computer to someone who will use it.
I have no problem "recycling" a car battery, here in the US, theres enough lead in there, easy enough to get out, that it will probably be more-or- less responsibly scrapped out here in the US.

What about the 25 year old TV that quit the other day though? Some would have me believe it's illegal to send the TV to the dump. But nobody is going to be able to get the lead out of that TV
at minimum wage around here. Nope, it gets stuffed in the same shipping container that brought the new TV from China, and dumped out somewhere like Bangladesh. Somebody there would consider three dollars of lead and copper a really good day, and the rest of the heavy-metal laced broken glass and plastic goes on the burn pile right in a population center. People, especially children really do get sick and die from this.

So unless someone can prove otherwise, next time I'm faced with a TV set beyond economical repair, that sucker is getting buried in the regular trash and going to the landfill in eastern oregon, where it wont poison anyone.

I would like to see a "bottle-bill" type core deposit on TV's, air conditioners, etc, exceeding the projected open-market salvage value and enough to cover responsible "recycling"..