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How come no one helps fatah?

Interestig there are no protests about Hamas shooting at least 70 fatah activists in their efforts to hold power, or the public silence on killings
Hamas is not the Palestinians only option, Hamas has been very brutal to it's own people, public executions without trial?

Why the double standard.

When shooting missiles at the enemy, always consider their military capacity.

Because Fatah has become Stooge of Israeli Nazis 04.Jan.2009 11:54

U.S. and Israel want to Divide and Conquer

Hey, I'm native Oregonian, raised protestant Christian, been around the block enough to have grey hair, and all you have to do is look a little more deeply to see that Israel is the aggressor and money is at the root of their military regime. Radicals like Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu call Zionist blockade and terror against Palestine worse than the South Africa Apartheid.

Rationalized Attacks 04.Jan.2009 13:12

Joe Anybody

spin and rationalizing tit-for-tat to justify using force?

"Stop The Violence"