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a visionary's report: Was 'The Grizzly Man' Really Murdered? critical thinking dept.

One who's lived in grizzly country and seen a few in his time comments on a semi-recent documentary by the well-known "independent" journalist/film maker Werner Herzog. Almost adding to a pattern after his film "Into The Wild", "The Grizzly Man" once again focuses on a young solo adventurer, making serveral curious conclusions that appear to be almost laying a groundwork for something else that we're not supposed to look at. This brief commentary touches on a few things gone seemingly unchallenged by these films' audiences, laying a possible basis for the Manufacture of Consent in seed-form, or worse.
anti-copyright 2009, visionary4humanity.wordpress.com

Though you may at first feel that this all sounds a bit far-fetched, please hold on a little longer and look at the facts that may possibly have been "overlooked"; the value is that if we can learn to see these techniques, we can apply what we know to the bigger picture as it affects us more directly.

Whether or not this subject proves interesting to you enough to forward it to your friends in Alaska or etcetera I wanted to share my thoughts on this anyway; because the topic has kept coming up into my mind and I'd like to "get it off my chest" so to speak. Plus it may well be a glimpse into some of the latest techniques in which the science of Thought Control works in "our" society and in places, such as Alaska, where there are curious transitions taking place.

Including the re-rigidizing of ideological uniformity against an otherwise now finally well-organized Native-indigenous people.

I mean, here is a case of a colonized yet charismatic person (a visionary) bucking the system in a classic way, and experiencing a "miraculous" re-connection to his creative intelligence. And creating the beginnings of a kind of movement (maybe he even was building with a few Animal Rights people??). Including renewing bridgings with the wisdom of traditional Native Alaskan-indigenous ways of seeing and being. All but forgotten in colonizer societies, and supposed to remain forgotten if the political police can help it.

Please don't take my word for it. If you're contemplating building a sustainable movement of consciousness today you'd better have done some serious study of the history of the political police in the u.s.a. Nothing like a big juicy Public Relations spoiler on the carefully controlled grid of modern mediation technique (i.e. silencing all media to sides of the truth which have become "patently" crazy, "out-moded" or "obscure"). You read books like "Toxic Sludge Is Good For You" by Sheldon (?) and Rampton (also on Youtube) and you can make such a comparison.

Well, with all the pressures kept so high (the fight for North Slope control in general has continued at least since the 1950s, but the details aren't going to be televized), the local hunting leadership may well have been manipulated into making a kind of "working group" with the feds not much different from some Southern kkk group being manipulated by the feds in the 160s and before. This time, The Grizzly Man may have "had to be" sacrificed...after all, he and his lady friend were the main lightning rods.

If there's any substance to my questions, it may aid us all in building up an even stronger security culture as well as an understanding of the bigger picture of how ALL in colonizer/perpetual war societies are affected. That is, HOW they're not only originally put under attack (something most students of history miss, except for only the most superficial consciousness, apparently!) but how the attack continues in myriad form.

Overwhelming, perhaps, to we most deeply colonized; yet only another barrier to overcome somehow to those less deeply colonized (and whom still have their culture somewhat intact).

A worthy challenge to contemplate critically? Perhaps better to look from another vantage: the vantage where you claim to want to HELP THE NATIVE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD in their challenge to the often illegal and unethical aggressions made against them. And, ultimately, against all of us.

Perhaps Werner Herzog **unknowingly** contributed to weaving a narrative that seeds a most curious possible development when he made his documentary film "The Grizzly Man." Perhaps he is like many alleged so-called "alternative" journalists whom have internalized the values of a dominating narrative and do not see what they do. Those are certainly possibilities. Yet crucial questions should have been asked (I didn't see any in any, did you?).

1) Imagine if you were a professional guide in Alaska and along comes this strange guy who totally goes outside the imposed norms of socializing with them first, and goes out into the Unkown and makes FRIENDS with Grizzlies. Once or twice, maybe dismissed as a NUT, but over THIRTEEN SUMMERS? AND THEN the NUT takes his stories to the kids in the local schools?? Suddenly you find yourself faced with your young daughter asking "too many" questions, and actually trying to talk sense into you (if not "precociously" flattening you). At the very least, something would begin changing, and you wouldn't like it. Not if you're trying to fit into the macho image of Alaska's "Last Frontier" and all that. (This isn't far-fetched either; in the late 1980s at least two Anchorage newspapers were SHOT UP when at least two different shooters got upset!)

The idea that some LONE NUT, not a professional, can think for himself so radically and LIVE to tell about it, even then to so charismatically thrive (despite active provacateurs goading local grizzlies, as Herzog *did* show--to his credit) is one of the ways "our" shadow government has shown a systematic tendency to want to HALT. No matter who is in the "helm" of the Presidency...(That doesn't mean i give up "hoping" tho)

Add to this the systematic pattern in which autonomy is put under attack; especially the latest techniques. Think of the idea that pretty soon someone might propose a LAW criminalizing autonomous use of Alaskan wilderness (without a professional). The macho Alaskan hunting guides, via their heavily mediated "culture" are going to be steered conveniently around this fact, not being encouraged to ask questions in any truly democratic way, only to find themselves coming under more red tape. Surely most of them being the uncritical order followers that they've been seduced to be will not see it at all.

But those who want to understand neo-colonialism and stop merely responding may want to, especially if they are serious about wanting to defend the alleged great ideas of decolonizing ways of seeing and being.

2) The Grizzly Man guy was actually invited (along with his womanfriend) and flown BACK to the site he had spent the immediately previous summer at AND where a new, rogue grizzly was found (only after the plane was gone). The family of Grizzlies the man got to know were already hybernating by now, and this new/rogue grizzly was definitely "not from around there." In fact, it went on to kill and eat both of these "friends" of Grizzlies.

How would a rogue grizzly just happen to show up like this? Is this normal at all?

Is it possible that there is more to what The Grizzly Man was saying when he referred, in the film, to the way in which the local forest managers treated him? Could hunting interests together with the sly (provoking?) ways of shadow government have sent over a drugged problem bear and released it just prior to the scheduled return of the Grizzly Man and his lady friend?

3) What other contexts are missing? I've written this "off the top of my head" so cannot recall any right off.

Now, on the other hand, what could be gained by making a film that makes it appear that young, nonprofessional, solo adventurers are somehow "too" naive in the extreme, and "have to be" reined in in various ways --while possibly dutifully ignoring other contributing evidence and contexts to various truths?

Not thinking about this could help those Nice Professionals at Always Friendly, Inc. (the generic term I'll use to identify yet another form of neo-colonialist mechanism) get more funding, for sure, and more Gold Stars from their board of trustees, and so on, ad nauseum. And they could provide further service in curtailing and limiting our "freedom" as it occurrs in our heads. A crucial truth if you bother to explore.

For those whom have studied the realities of Rollback since the 1960s (in its most focused form of that era) this doesn't automatically sound so "off the deep end." So maybe you can use this little article as a way to see just how deep your critical consciousness is?

relevant websites:
www.cointel.org (a documented history of the political police in the u.s.a.; other nations have their own as well)



Noam Chomsky on Rollback (scroogle it or see previous discussion and quotes on my blog)

To conclude, I'm not seeking to "scare" anyone; only seriously inform! How deep you dare delve into the truths of this society is up to you and the reflections you want to have in your life. As for my own "getting this off my chest" thing, I myself speak as one who has directly experienced various surprising or so-called "miraculous" situations in nature. And i wish to speak up in the defense of such consciousness wherever it formulates itself or is a part of thousands of years of consciousness.

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