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Also, we will be confronting Senator Wyden at a town hall meeting in
Clackamas at 12:30 pm tomorrow (meet at 12). The address is:
Willamette Falls Hospital, 1500 SW Division St. Oregon City, OR

The Israeli Army has invaded the Gaza Strip with a military force
estimated at 10,000 troops using American-supplied military equipment,
tanks and bulldozers backed by helicopter gunships.

This invasion represents a serious escalation to the ongoing attacks
and carnage that Israel has been committing against the 1.5 million
Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip over the past eight

Although Israel's war crimes against Palestinian civilians goes back
decades, Israel's aerial bombardment over the past week alone has
resulted in the killing of more than 450 Palestinian men, women and
children and 2,000 have been wounded.

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world
with more than 6000 civilians living per sq km.

In some areas such as the Jabalya refugee camp, one of the eight
refugee camps in the Strip, 100,000 people live in an area no more than
1.4 sq km.

The ground invasion will lead to a significant increase in civilian


Called for by Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Portland
Peaceful Response Coaltion, American Jews for a Just Peace

For further information, contact Hala Gores at  Hala@goreslaw.com or
(503) 307-9339 or Peter Miller at  Pmiller@auphr.org pr (503) 358-7475

Bring your Palestinian Flags and Signs, and tell your Friends and

- The Israeli airstrikes represent serious violations of
international law, including the Geneva Conventions and a range of
international humanitarian law.

- The U.S. is complicit in the Israeli violations - both directly
and indirectly.

- The timing of the air strikes has far more to do with U.S. and
Israeli politics than with protecting Israeli civilians.

- This serious escalation will push back any chance of serious
negotiations between the parties that might have been part of the Obama
administration's plans.

Get involved in the campaign to end the Israeli attacks and occupation
of Palestinian land.

--call your Senators and Congressional representatives and tell
them to end US aid to Israel -a pre-written letter is available at

--Boycott companies that support the Israeli occupation,
including L'Oreal and Motorola (If you do decide to boycott, be sure to
contact the companies to let them know why.) -More info available at

--Connect to local groups organizing to end the occupation
-Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights:
-Portland Peaceful Response Coalition:  http://www.pprc-news.org
or (503) 344-5078

--Educate yourself on the issue
-daily news updates available at  http://www.imemc.org,

pictures the US media doesn't want you to see:

Wake up! Wake up!
The media is lying
Israel is dropping bombs
and Gazan kids are dying

Hey Obama break your silence
You can stop the violence

While Obama's in Hawaii
Gazan children keep on dyin

US taxes buy the bombs
Dropped on Gaza all day long

homepage: homepage: http://www.auphr.org

NPR says Israel is striking "Hamas Leaders." 03.Jan.2009 20:06

Media War

Looks like "Hamas leaders" are disguised as babies.





If NPR won't say it, I WILL.


ISRAEL KILLS BABIES, and those who defend Israel are defending BABY KILLERS.

Wyden chickens out 04.Jan.2009 18:21


I heard Wyden canceled the town hall.

Ron Wyden and Nancy Pelosi listen up. Your constituents do not like what Isreal is doing. Aipac might buy you a nice dinner in Washington DC, but you are supposed to be working for us. Why should I vote for democrats who will raise my taxes if they are just as crooked as republicans in terms of the war profiteering. Isreal's war crimes mean $$$ for US contractors. and "defense" industry. Ron Wyden, you are smart enough to know this. Shame on you.

Double shame on Barack Obama for his deafening silence in the matter. The "only one president at a time" doesnt cut it when you've been soaking up the media love behind a podium with a big "Office of the President Elect" sign...

The demonstration today was well attended and very lively in spite of cold snowy weather.

And there have been demonstrations like this all over the country and rest of the world. I only wish our elected representatives would listen to us, their constituents, rather than the public relations wing of a foreign government.

Stuck 05.Jan.2009 00:46


Fred: listen up. Pro-Israel Pelosi, Blumenauer, Obama etc.. just got voted into office overwhelmingly. So why would they care what you think now? Representing their constituency is ( and has been) about the furthest thing from their minds and still they get elected.Shame on them is fine.MORE SHAME ON ALL WHO VOTED FOR THEM!!