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How can we prevent HDTV censoring news of events after Feb. '09?

If requiring high-definition tv that doesn't have reliable emergency broadcast and can so easily be used to censor dissidents and facts inconvenient to the rulers, and blocking analog broadcasts prevents low-budget alternative media or dissidents getting the word or picture out, and low-income people are restricted access, what is being planned after Feb. 17, 2009 that they don't want us to know or to respond to effectively? While Twitter, cell phone video uploads, ipods, Google, Microsoft and Apple computers, etc. are being controlled and censored more and more, what are our options for being informed, safe, quickly effective in self-defense and sustainable community? How can the public without IT expertise or free time and money, or energy for cynicism or fear, or much support network... make informed choices in an emergency contrived by some in government/finance/military?
With vital info often deleted from or not published in Portland Indy Media or other alternative media sites, with more voices being silenced, with more suspicious coincidences and concerns, with cell phone and radio transmissions and electricity and Internet easily disrupted or blocked and yet used to find/harass those who send out messages, please post ways for the public to be quickly, accurately informed and prepared. What are the options for analog tv broadcast sources and old tv sets to transmit/receive warnings and news in the Portland area in case of political censorship, earthquake, blocked frequencies, targeted microwave interference, radioactive explosives, bankruptcy takeover or public seizure, etc. Or the mass preemptive arrests of potential reporters or website maintenance or alternative media activists. What can we do now that "the enemy" has learned more in perfecting ways to counter quick information exchange and documentation by alternative media activists in Denver and St Paul, China, Mumbai, Iraq, Israeli/Palestinian peace groups, Greece, Sweden, UK, etc. ? What can we do to protect against the divide-and-conquer tactics used against and within dissident groups ( infiltrators/saboteurs/provocateurs attempting the deadly Ds (disinformation, distraction, divisiveness, despair, disgust, discounting,...) Please provide links and resources. Thank you.

what the fuck are you talking about 03.Jan.2009 19:21

there was "alternative news" on analog broadcast TV ??

Digital broadcast TV is not the same thing as "high definition" or HD.

If you like acronyms:

- analog broadcast television was NTSC
- digital broadcast television is ATSC
- and digital cable is called QAM

This article is pretty off the wall. There is already basically zero independent or underground broadcast TV activism. The same corporate non-profits that could hypothetically run analog broadcast TV stations could run digital ones just as easily. The digital switchover doesn't affect cable access stuff.

It sounds like the author is expecting his revolution to be televised ... but only in analog

really the revolution won't be televised at all baby, and don't hold your breath either