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Ungar Fur demo wrap up 1/2/09

snow, sunshing, rain, and hail. we are dedicated and we will never back down unless they stop the killing
ungar fur demo wrap up 1/2/09

this weekly demo turned out to be a crowd favorite. throughout the day the activists count was around an average of ten. it was a cold snowy morning, but within the first hour the sun started to peak though to give us some sunshine.

each activist was holding an anti fur sign with images showing the horrors of the fur industry, a couple activists were busy handing our literature and talking with anyone walking by that happened to have any questions about why we were out there. some disgusted passerby's even ended up walking into Ungars to let them know what they think about the fur industry.

throughout the day we saw snow, sunshine, rain, and heavy hail. pretty sure the boys at ungar furs know that we are dedicated and we aren't backing down, until they stop the killing.

as always, we were there until five pm, closing time for Ungar Fur's. we kept the public educated on the process in which the animals go through to end up at Ungar Fur's, and we also kept the foot traffic in and out of the business to a low.

it was an awesome turn out, it seems more and more people are coming each demonstration. please join us, EVERY friday, SW 12th and Yamhill. 1 pm.