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Greece: Prisoners support and more actions on New Year's eve

New year's eve, most of the people choose to stay in their houses or go to bars, all celebrating the coming of the new year. However there are people who at these times choose to stand close to those who are alone, locked away and forgotten and there are people who believe that the social struggle never ends.
In Greece, at 11.30pm, minutes before the new year, anarchists and solidarists gathered close to prisons around the country and with their slogans and fireworks sent a message to the prisoners that they are not forgotten. There were gatherings outside the prisons in Athens, Patras, Chania, Irakleio and when the year changed, fireworks were lighten and the slogans on prisoners support became louder. The prisoners were watching through the windows and replied with more slogans and with small fires!

In Athens, around 1000 took part. They first started at the mens prison and then continued to the womens. There was a small demonstration on which some banks' ATM machines and surveillance cameras were destroyed. The 6-7 riot squads did not react.
Photos from Koridalos prison (Athens):  http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=958925#959017
Video:  link to www.youtube.com
Photos from Ag. Stefanos prison (Patras):  http://patras.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=3654#3655

At the same time, at the Sintagma square (Athens), a gathering against the bombings of the Israeli army in Gaza and the occupation in Palestine was taking place with many migrants (Palestinians and others), members of peace movements and left wing organizations and parties.

Moreover, arson and other attacks took place in many cities after midnight sending a message for 2009.
In Athens, 7 banks, 3 car dealerships, 7 cars and 15 garbage bins were set on fire.
In Thessaloniki, bank offices, and a womens' clothes store were burned. During a demonstration, 23 garbage bins (used as barricades) were burned and the police fired teargas and flash-bang. In another part of the city, municipal police cars and office were attacked and burned.
In Larissa the city's christmas tree was half-burned.
In Serres, the nationalist right-wing party offices were attacked, the windows were smashed and paints were thrown.