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Multi Media Reportback from Portland Gaza Solidarity Protest

An estimated 600 - 700 people gathered in front of the Federal Building in downtown Portland this evening, December 30, 2008, to protest the ongoing massacre of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces in Gaza.
This gathering was part of a world wide effort to bring these war crimes to an end.
With signs and chants the crowd vehemently demonstrated their outrage at the bombing of innocent civilians and demanded that the U.S. exert its weight in finding solutions to this long festering wound.

7 1/2 Video File of the Protest

7 1/2 minute Audio File of the Protest

The many chants were diverse and strong: "free free Palestine, long live Palestine, long live Gaza;" and "Stop supporting Israel, Israel out of Gaza now, Israel out of Palestine now,' as well as other chants, some I believe, in Arabic.

The crowd then marched briefly through downtown Portland chanting loudly, arriving back at Terry Schrunk Park for a few brief words. The speaker here encouraged the gathering to use every available method to inform their representatives and the people of this country as to the true situation in Palestine.

"We have a lot to do...........we need to awaken the child who is sleeping in the United States here. If the population knows what they are doing in Palestine, they won't be silent....Oppression has no religion; oppression has no race; oppression has no color. No free man in the world would waccept what is happening in Gaza today.

"No it is not okay to launch an attack against innocent people.....you might disagree about the policies about some people in the Middle East, but there is no way a free man can accept these atrocities."

He urges people to email their representatives, write letters to the editor, work through their organizations, "make your voice loud and heard again and again and again; what is happening in Gaza is a crime. We cannot be silent about it."

"Let me tell you something that most Americans do not know. Gaza is only about 40 kilometer in length and about 25 kilometers wide. More tha 1 /12 million people are living under the line of poverty. No medicine, no fuel supply, in total darkness for the last year. No hospital supply.....Also we are standing her today to make the Egyptain authorities responsibile for this situation."

And further, "There is no political excuse, no human excuse, no economic excuse. We will not accept that the innocents will be slaughtered in the daytime like that. Gaza has no navy, Gaza has no air force, Gaza has no army."

Later, after questioning the meaning of the word terrorism, the speaker asks "if hitting schools and in Gaza is not a crime, please define crime for me."

Though not in the audio report, after this speaker finished another asked the people that, if no truce is signed immediately, bring an old pair of shoes to the Offices of Senator Wyden this Friday at four. "If Israel doesn't stop its attack on Gaza, I think all of us should take our old shoes and go to our Senators offices, all of us, and throw them on Senator Wyden."

"He either lets us in for a meeting or we throw our shoes at him."

The photographs in this report were contributed by Kellie La Bonty

Video File of the Protest
7 1/2 minute Audio File of the Protest

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