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How to rid the world of MASS murdering institutions-Step 1

Stop investing in them and divest from them.
No time like now
No time like now
How to rid the world of MASS murdering institutions-Step 1

1. Examine the tools of the mass murders. Why help buy the tools for mass murder.

In hoping to retire you as others have pooled your money so to try to eek a living in your older less energetic years has helped mass murder capitalization. Consequent to this pie in the sky endeavor you have given money to people who kill and take the wealth of others and share a bit with your portfolio(if your lucky). WE call these things PERS or Mutual funds. Look in your funds portfolio and you can see individual stock components.

Do you see Lockheed, Caterpillar, GM, GE, Raytheon, Boeing, Chevron, BP, Westinghouse, Microsoft, HP, Google, Carlyle group Halliburton, Brown and Root, or Yahoo. If you have read to this point you can think of other names too. Even the things you may be buying like gasoline, IT equipment (See  http://hubpages.com/hub/Made-In-Israel, for more hints.) Even innocuous vanguards funds invest in private prisons and perhaps armies.

So you should sell, sell, sell. Take the tax write off (assuming a loss) and you will get cleaner. Sell them all. These companies are so inbred it's unclear that any of our large institutions are innocent of benefiting from the destructions of others. Yes even your local universities.

You will likely work till you drop either way. And now days your lucky if you do work.
In the mean while invest in yourself and others.

Peace and Happy New Year

This makes so much sense. 01.Jan.2009 11:30

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

Don't give them anything. Nothing. I've written this for years, as a way to deprive them of their power. Buy local, responsible products and services only. Let's tailor-make this recession, to fuck them, instead of all of us.