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The end and the Beginning

Blumenauer you have failed us, but Justice will happen!
there are cells waiting
there are cells waiting
Hi All,

January 20th will be our last day to protest the earlman's refusal to call for impeachment of the criminals in the White House. We will go from calling for impeachment to calling for Indictments!

My hope is that you will try to be there to tell our representative that he has failed us and we are not going to let up on the pressure. We want Justice and will work with other groups to see that wherever bush/cheney and their minions go one of us will be there to point our finger at them and yell, "WAR CRIMINAL." We are cab drivers, students, bus drivers, teachers, professors, nurses, waiters, activists, journalists, video makers, moms and dads, young and old vets-----we will know where bush, cheney, rice, and the rest of the murderers are giving a speech and will show up and tell them they are traitors and have lost the right to free speech without, (without our interruption.) They will have no peace, until we finally get representatives who will call them to account for their actions. We will pressure the new administration to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the bush years of treason, murder and violations of our Constitution. This is not the end of our protest; it is the beginning of the end of the bush/cheney reign of terror.

So, we have two dates in January, the 19th is schedule for our appearance before a judge to answer for Santa calling for impeachment, (Sara, Marilyn and I were arrested for whatever in front of earl's den.) The date has been changed a few times and may be again, will let you know a few days before if this is a go.

The second date is the 20th during the swearing in of Obama while bush and his gang are leaving the White House. We should celebrate and have fun protesting that day. Mike has sent out some suggestions and we have some time to plan "A DAY for Justice!"

Let me know your thoughts, but take into account---we are Individuals for Justice and can do anything we wish, the only thing we agreed on was that you must be proud of what you do. We have succeeded in holding a vigil/protest for over a year without someone telling us what we can or can't do. We have succeeded in getting the earlman's attention, we have done what we said we would do and that is something politicians do not like but allows me to sleep at night. I have a smile upon my face as I write this.

For Justice and Peace
Joe-a proud member of IFJ

homepage: homepage: http://Squadron13.com