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freeskool guerilla gardening

um.... did someone say winter guerilla gardening? lets clean up some trash, smash some tarmack, build raised beds and plant!
winter guerilla gardening with john doe

Start: 01/05/2009 - 16:33
End: 01/05/2009 - 17:22
Timezone: Etc/GMT-8
location: nw 16 and nw burnside

the snow is gone, and the ground is warming up! so its time to get back to transplanting and planting perennials. now is the time to plant so they may make the most of this season to build healthy rootsystems. the class will meet in several locations, as there are a few gardens to work on, so check the schedule to see where we will meet for each class.

this week we will be adding soil amendments creating a raised bed. we have smashed up some tarmack and created a couple of beds, transplanted and planted. but our plants are probably in need of some tending to after the recent snow storm, and i will bring some vegan chocolate to keep us energetic.

anyone interested in garden art please stay tuned, because there will also be an opportunity to make/add some art to our gardens in the coming weeks!
Suggested Materials:
seeds,plants (biennial/perennial), compost, tea leaves, coffee grounds, and garden art, oh..... and of course vegan snacks.

if you have transplants (can be any perennial/biennial) or seeds, or compost, or garden art, or coffee grounds or tea leaves to donate please contact me: johndoe91269 at yahoo.com.


weather permitting, be prepared 02.Jan.2009 15:57

john doe

looks like a mixture of rain and snow (i thought it was gone for a while), with warmer weather by monday. wear your raincoats and bring gloves!

in case of snow 04.Jan.2009 18:45

john doe

in case it snows we will meet, and since many of you are interested in networking, exchange contact information and have a short class, for the tougher folks bring your survival gear (comfy super warm clothes and gloves). i will have a special, inspiring task for us.

see you there. whirl some peace and be in a state to squash