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Portland Protests Israeli Massacres in Gaza

December 28th, 2008, American citizens concerned with Social Justice gathered at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland to protest recent Israeli massacres of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. A lone speaker at the small gathering spoke passionate truth to those Sunday shoppers who, for the most part hurried past, disregarding his plea for compassion and action.

He spoke of Israeli War crimes, the illegal and immoral collective punishing of Palestinian civilians and wondered, "where is the outrage?" According to the speaker, this "Occupation has been condemned by every Human Rights organization around the world. We must start to protest this inhuman brutality, which is supported by the United States, wholeheartedly."

And he states further that Barak Obama, for whom so many people voted, hoping for a change in Foreign Policy, has said nothing since this has started. "His silence is deafening, and you know he is not going to criticize Israel and their war crimes. He is no better than George Bush!" "We have to be in support of the Palestinian people, who are innocent. These massacres are not stopping..............do something....we cannot let these massacres go on." Hastily organized at the last minute, the event was ill attended, but those who choose to stand up and speak out may attend another event Tuesday, December 29, at 4:30 at the Federal Building, Downtown Portland, SW 3rd & Madison.

Video of 12/28/08 Portland Protest

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