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Blackrose Movie Night: Battle in Seattle

The Blackrose Collective Bookstore's bi-weekly movie series takes off for the new year. Now on a projector... Battle in Seattle (2008) Semi-fictional portrayal of the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle. Fictional characters/plot tied in with actual events & photage. We can follow with discussion of gender & other socio-political dynamics of the film (100 min.) Starts at 7:00. With Tea, and snacks. yum
BRC meets for Showing of Battle in Seattle. Tea, snacks, company, warmth. Yum.

When? 30.Dec.2008 09:04


Thanks for being there and doing good work in the world. We are not that familiar with your events, but would like to attend. What date is this being planned for? Tonight? Thanks again.

That's true 30.Dec.2008 12:03


I too believe that selecting to screen a fiction-hollywood film instead of one of the many documentaries about Seattle is very unfortunate, for a radical collective. Show the real thing, filmed by protesters, where people who were there explain what happened and then discuss about it: what was good, what was bad, what was gained, criticize, what could have been done better and how all these can lead to even more successful future actions!
Here you can download some documentaries about the events in Seattle:  http://fuckcopyright.blogspot.com/search?q=seattle

When is it anyway?

FILM AND ORGANIZING 30.Dec.2008 12:33

Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union lewchurch@gmail.com

Not everyone has seen, or has access to, the WTO documentary, and, interestingly, this supposedly "Hollywood version" of the WTO protest actually got trashed by corporate media, lasted a week or two in theaters (and only one at a time, etc.) in Portland.

Besides, with Obama representing the "safe middle", it is to the advantage of what's left of Wall Street, the Pentagon, the Massad, etc., to let any media coverage of Left organizing to be 'on the margins' and not get much distribution, to start with.

Apparently, a majority of US people polled, say they support Israel's war on Gaza. For those of us who've seen the Charlize Theron/Connie Nielson Battle for Seattle film, it actually does have a good deal of documentary information on globalization -- something missing from the current Xmas films of Jennifer Anniston, Jim Carey, and Adam Sandler, respectively.

PSU Progressive Student Union may start up our Progressive Film Fest at PSU (we showed about 300 films over 4 years, between PSU and Laughing Horse Books), and, one of the most ongoing points of discussion was whether so-called Hollywood (or even just non-documentary films) 'brought in' new people who may be quite happy to let "the experts" decide what to do on the Wall Street bailout, Obama's foreign policy, etc. -- and whether we, as organizers, want to try those 'new people' to be open to organizing themselves, rather than letting the 'experts' run things.

[Obama talks about grassroots organizing, and has his email list for lobbying his own Administration via move.on and other electronic groupings, but, such 'management' of an electronic community isn't the same thing as a radical third party that works and wins elections, or a mass-based movement that takes over Congress as well as the Oval Office, per se].

There are actually (less than 1%) very few films that focus on organizing, and Battle for Seattle does do that. (So does Van Sant/Sean Penn's Milk). B4S is about a large-scale protest on globalization; -- when I student taught 10th graders on Globalization at Benson High, students in my three classes didn't know what globalization was (Seattle was 10 years ago, remember!!), and, "globalization" isn't in the dictionary, as a word.

When we showed a Ken Loach film (socialist UK director) at PSU on the Spanish Civil War, Land and Freedom (a great film, but not a documentary), a group of anarchists came to see it, because one of the subplots focuses on Durruti -- but that group disagreed (some stayed, and some left without staying for the film) about whether it was 'ethical' to watch on non-documentary film on the Spanish Civil War. The people who Left said it couldn't be radical or accurate enough, and those that stayed felt that even literature can be progressive and activist, even if it isn't "nonfiction" writing, etc.

In Rethinking Schools (activist high school teacher group, partly based in Portland) there is something of a concerted effort to use the non-facts-only-based curriculum, including literature and other art forms, to critique history, politics and organizing.

At PSU, one right wing teacher, in fact, had a whole History class that he insisted was just "based on the facts" only, and not the "liberal propaganda" of "pretend historians" like Howard Zinn and Gar Alperowitz. This teacher fought himself in the Pacific in WWII, and the class was defending the decision by Truman to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which Newt Gingrich insisted was a good idea and helped get the curator of the Smithsonian fired when the museum in the 90s started to have a display with Japanese voices and writers who disagreed with Truman's "alleged war crime." At the end of the class, 20 students said they disagreed with the decision to drop nukes on Japan, but only one student said he thought it was a war crime. The teacher told students that if they disagreed with him, they could talk about "Zinn" outside of class, but that "the facts" were that dropping the bombs on Japan "saved US lives" and cut short what would have been a much longer war in the Pacific, etc.

So, Battle in Seattle may not be for hardcore activists, but, if one non-activist sees this "Hollywood" film and decides to work against globalization (or even has a strategy, with a coalition, to halt Israel's war on Gaza, as a specific issue/ projection of power) -- then showing a 'comercial' version of a radical protest may violate the integrity of those who organized the protest, but, it might also broaden the NW/US Left to form a coalition that could take power -- unless we assume that Obama represents the Left, and US foreign policy/ globalization, will cease altogether, starting Jan. 20th.


PO Box 40011, Portland, Oregon 97240

When is it? 30.Dec.2008 14:04

Pretty please

When is it, please?

Day 30.Dec.2008 15:09


What day is this going to happen?

jan.1 30.Dec.2008 19:46


jan.1. i googled black rose and found their myspace page, so here's the date