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Israel Is Doomed!

Israel is doomed because it is run by psychotic idiots who are bent on a "Greater Israel" strategy.
Israel Is Doomed!

Lloyd Hart

Israel is doomed because it is run by psychotic idiots who are bent on a "Greater Israel" strategy. Zionist religious fanatics who somehow think that by becoming like the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (W.A.S.P.s) who nearly wiped out the Jews in Europe in World War Two, by adopting the "Let Someone else suffer now" philosophy Zionists think they will be allowed to succeed in their expansionist plans. By turning the West Bank and the Gaza Strip into a modern Warsaw ghetto these psychotic Zionists thought they would somehow cheat the lessons of history that teach us that violent madness against a impoverished people to gain nationalist glory always turns to ashes. The Zionist's enemies are simply growing in number because they have become just like the Americans and the British, who use racism to vilify and then murder poor people in order to steal their land and resources. The great irony here is that the Palestinian and the Jew are racially the same people.

Zionists, as I have said many times in the past are the poster children for Stockholm Syndrome. The Zionists have join with their racist, imperialist and nationalist masters in the insanity that has the idiots in America and Britain thinking they have the god given right to rule the world. The genocide that the Zionists are committing right now in the Gaza strip is completely ordained by President Bush, President Elect Barrack Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown and just like the Americans and the British who stole Native American, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Arab, Indian and Afghan land the Zionists think they too have a god given right to the land within Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Just like the Americans and the British who suffer from delusions of Western superiority , the Zionist suffers from psychotic delusions that they are closer to god than anyone else.

I realize that many out there in the world have great hopes for the Obama presidency but the Obama presidency like Zionism is nothing but a poorly crafted public relations campaign designed to create cover for further continued criminal hegemony. We now have learned that Obama will keep troops in Iraq indefinitely breaking the perceived promise of withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. So, it is time for everyone to grow up and realize the we are ruled by financial dictators who use money as their tool to maintain dictatorial class structure power while hiding behind the thin veil of democracy.

This is an important lesson right now as the financial dictators rob the U,S. treasury blind while at the same time cutting off the money supply causing millions to starve and become homeless around the world and especially in America. The lesson in all of this is that when the top 1 percent have control of twenty percent of America's or any nations income there is no possibility for a democratic distribution of wealth or a sustained middle class. What the ruling class is saying to you by cutting off the money supply "If you want to eat you have to sit close to the masters table." And this is exactly is what the Zionists have done.

The genocide that the Zionists are committing right now is financed by the Zionist's master, the American government. The jets and the missiles used are supplied by the U.S.. The funds used to pay the murderous Uniformed Zionists are supplied by America. So while millions of Americans are going homeless and poverty world wide radically increases all because the financial dictators have deliberately cut off the money supply and manipulate the commodities markets with big money drives to push food and fuel prices up and down to ensure their continued position of power, the Zionists can afford to commit genocide against the Palestinian people who the Zionists have walled off into a modern Warsaw Ghetto.

Yes, Israel is as doomed as Nazism. The American empire that financed Nazism into place in the first place is collapsing in on it's self as a result of it's own excesses foreign and domestic and will not be able to continue to finance the excesses of Zionism. The actions of the financial dictators will not succeed as the middle class will revolt just as they did in the French Revolution except this time the revolt is going global.

History teaches us that Empires always fall and America and its client state Israel will too disappear into the darkening void of the past. Zionist Jews all around the world especially in America should celebrate that one day soon they will no longer have to continue to do their masters bidding and kill their cousin so America can flex it's muscle in the oil rich Middle East.

Lloyd Hart

Colonialist Zionism & Israel: 29.Dec.2008 13:14

Barbarism = Zionism = Racism


...nothing but _TROUBLE_ for the past 75 YEARS!!


white anglo saxon protestant 29.Dec.2008 20:25

does not mean all "white people" everywhere ever

Nazis were not "WASPs."

None of them were Anglo-Saxon (that's an ethnic group in England, not Germany)

and plenty of them were Catholic, not Protestant.

A Little Geograph History Maybe? 29.Dec.2008 21:36

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Saxony is in Germany and when the Saxons invaded Britain they stayed a while and made some children, therefore Anglo-Saxon sons and daughters. The Protestant faith was thought to have begun with the German Theologan Martin Luther in Germany in 1517.

Indefensible position 30.Dec.2008 11:48

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

As much as I understand the plight of Jewish people, when they lived in europe, "Creating the state" of Israel, shifted the balance in the middle east, and created a state of perpetual hostility. This has placed Israel & the United States in an indefensible position. How long can the fortress of Israel hold up, when ALL of the neighboring states are hostile toward it. Just because They once occupied the land there, doesn't indicate that they can hold it in perpetuity.

Since the United States was instrumental in creating the problem, it should also be part of the solution. The solution, is to offer israel a choice. Move to safe ground (I'm thinking somewhere in Central America, Central America or even Southwestern United States. Or all military support is withdrawn, and they can fight it out alone.

Our un-conditional support for Israel has left us vulnerable. Our addiction to oil, doubly so.

thanks to Llod Hart 30.Dec.2008 14:23

for getting it right

It's the greatest hegemon in the history of the world that dominates Israel, and not vice-versa. If we want to markedly reduce terrorism in the world, WE need to stop committing it.

Immigration is a Human Right 30.Dec.2008 16:56

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Actually I support a Jew's right to immigrate to Palestine. I do not however support the British Mandate that created the state Israel. Before the British mandate there were a great deal of Jews living in Palestine and Christians as well. In fact the majority of Jews in Palestine before the mandate were of families that had never left the region.

It is important to understand that immigration is a human right and after the European pogroms against the Jews and of course WWII it is understandable that a great number of the European Jews wanted to go to Palestine but the dream put many a Jews head of a Jewish state by the Zionist movement was a losing proposition in the first place.

A great number of the Semites living in Palestine before the mandate whose ancestors were Jews simply converted to Islam during and after the Arab Conquest which was probably. Arabic language is based on Hebrew and the Koran finds most of its substanced from Jewish scriptures. So Arabs are Jews and Jews are Arabs. Most educated Arabs and Jews know this. This is why Israel can't last. One can not kill your cousin forever.

The thing that will disolve a great deal of the problems the world has is unfettered immigration. I support the right of a Jew to live close to and pray at the wall of the temple in Jerusalem but the Palestinians living in Gaza had their homes and land stolen from them and have no access to the Al Asqa Mosque in Jerusalem. This will not last as a situation for very long.

The Zionists in Israel are living a mythical lie and denying the natural immigration of Jews and Arabs that went on for 1400 years with only brief interuptions the Christian morons from Europe that thought they had a right to rule over Jerusalem.

Immigration has always helped the Jews and the Arabs and can do so now.

no, the Nazis were not "WASPs" 31.Dec.2008 03:30

really, they're still not, and you're still wrong

"WASP" means pink-skinned American Protestants with English surnames, espcially Episcopalians.

It does not mean Nazis or Lutheran Germans from Saxony. Ever.

You got it wrong, Lloyd. You're not even close.

the other jewish state 31.Dec.2008 03:37

nothing wrong with that either

> Move to safe ground (I'm thinking somewhere in Central America, Central America or even Southwestern United States

There is already a "Jewish state." It's called New York.

History? 31.Dec.2008 07:32

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

So your saying the Anglo never invaded Central Europe and never intermarried with the people of Germany, Austria, France, and Prussia and so on. It is like your pretending that history never happened. Why did the Anglo-Saxon in America and Britain finance the rise of Nazism? Why did the British Prime Minister approve the sale of military materials to the Nazis in the thirties? Why did Roosevelt turn away two Boat loads of Jews from landing in the U.S. in 1939 and then made sure they couldn't land anywhere else except Germany?

the anglii were one group of whites, historically significant only in england 31.Dec.2008 22:30

look it up, ask anybody, you are still wrong

> So your saying the Anglo never invaded Central Europe and never

Yes, of course that's what I'm saying. Maybe you're thinking of "Aryan," but that would also be wrong.

> Why did the Anglo-Saxon in America and Britain finance the rise of Nazism?

Gee I guess they must have had SOME other motivation besides just being English.

Really, just give it up.