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Global Bank Users Strike Update

The Global Bank Users Strike is a campaign to coordinated withdrawals from commercial banks in response to the bailout, demanding that our debt is bailed out just as Wall Street's was. This campaign is building alternative power to a financial system that clearly doesn't serve our needs. Join the 200 people who have signed up worldwide!

This September Catalonian anti-banking activists called for a global bank users strike in response to the global economic crisis.

The plan is to develop a worldwide, coordinated effort to organize withdrawals from the commercial banking system and debt non-repayment. People can 'pre-register' to participate; when enough people are signed-up in a given city or region, they can call a day to withdrawal money from commercial banks and place it in non-capitalist financial institutions and begin debt nonpayment.

Since the initial call, over 200 people around the world have signed up!

People can participate as much or as little as they like; people already living without the banking system or resisting debt payment can coordinate with others and give them advice. The idea is to begin?in a public and collective way?popular resistance to the banking system that can no long be trusted with out paychecks and savings.


The North American Bank Strike campaign is looking for people to help organize this campaign. There are lots of ways to help out...

What we need:

Participants: Join the strike and close your commercial bank account.

Sign up at http://www.17-s.info/en/banks-users-strike-form

Organizers: People to organize support for this campaign at the local level. See how organizers have been debating at http://www.17-s.info/en/forum. Contact bankstrike@riseup.net for organizing materials.

Researchers:We are hoping to make http://www.bankstrike.net a good source for critical information on the banking system, the financial crisis, and alternatives to capitalist finance. Contact bankstrike@riseup.net for more information.

Translators: This is a global effort; organizing efforts are underway across the world in multiple languages.

Contact us:
For more information contact:
bankstrike@riseup.net in North America
info@17-s.info in Europe


homepage: homepage: http://bankstrike.net/