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Naked Short Selling Lie:Steve Forbes Brings Economic Pornography To High School

The earliest usage for the term 'naked short selling' or 'naked shorting' I have been able to verify is from an email to the U.S. SEC IN 1999.No academic or securities professional ever used it previously and Patrick Byrne's NCANS representative gave the Cheetah Club lap dance club in Las Vegas' address when a website was opened for that fraud in 2004 or 2005.I believe that had a professional or academic coined a term for counterfeitting of shares it might have been 'negative short selling' but because it was created by a Washington,D.C. mafia composed of social perverts 'naked' was the only thing they could come up with. And Steve Forbes gives new meaning to the word pervert.
Naked Short Selling Lie:Steve Forbes Brings Economic Pornography To Wardlaw-Hartridge High School Students

National Taxpayers Union,James Dale Davidson Naked Short Lie

The earliest usage for the term 'naked short selling' or 'naked shorting' I have been able to verify is from an email to the U.S. SEC IN 1999.No academic or securities professional ever used it previously and Patrick Byrne's NCANS representative gave the Cheetah Club lap dance club in Las Vegas' address when a website was opened for that fraud in 2004 or 2005.I believe that had a professional or academic coined a term for counterfeitting of shares it might have been 'negative short selling' but because it was created by a Washington,D.C. mafia composed of social perverts 'naked' was the only thing they could come up with. And Steve Forbes gives new meaning to the word pervert.

NTU,James Dale Davidson Naked Short Lie:Steve Forbes Brings Economic Pornography To Wardlaw-Hartridge High School Students

Steve Forbes and all his neocon-nazis who brought you war fraud and stock fraud wish you a HOO HOO HOO - Merry FraudMass....
BOYCOTT FORVBES MAGAZINE AND TIMES OF LONDON !They are both of the Rupert Murdoch Fox News 'philosophy' that if you repeat a lie over and over.....

 http://suburban.gmnews.com/news/...siness/ 037.html
Steve Forbes speaks in Edison
BY ENID WEISS Correspondent
Steve Forbes, editor in chief of Forbes magazine and former presidential candidate, gave Wardlaw-Hartridge High School students a crash course in economics on Dec. 1 at the north Edison school.
Forbes explained, "Most of the losses you read about are not a shortage of cash ... . A company can be making money and it still goes broke — only in America.
To make matters worse, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) eliminated some stock market rules, allowing "naked short selling," he said.
"Short selling allows you to pound stocks into oblivion," Forbes said. "It allows you to sell what you don't own."
Contact Enid Weiss at  metuchen@gmnews.com.

The earliest usage for the term 'naked short selling' or 'naked shorting' I have been able to verify is from an email to the U.S. SEC IN 1999.No academic or securities professional ever used it previously and Patrick Byrne's NCANS representative gave the Cheetah Club lap dance club in Las Vegas' address when a website was opened for that fraud in 2004 or 2005.I believe that had a professional or academic coined a term for counterfeitting of shares it might have been 'negative short selling' but because it was creating by a Washington,D.C. mafia composed of social perverts 'naked' was the only thing they could come up with. And Steve Forbes gives new meaning to the word pervert.
Steve Forbes'(and Richard Mellon Scaife's and the Lord William Rees-Mogg's and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's and Bill Clinton's, and the Bush's et.al.'s),evil sidekick, James Dale Davidson founder of the National Taxpayers Union,,ran NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling out of the same Blaine, Washington office or mail box that they ran the biotech fraud Genemax,(that claimed to have a 'cancer vaccine'),out of in 2002.And you can be assured the securities criminal and liar Steve Forbes knows and knew this.And yet he was so willing to volunteer to give a talk to young American high school students and tell them bald faced lies.Just as his and his dead daddy's Malcolm Forbes magazine does to its reading audience.
After I posted complaints about NAANSS on the internet beginning around 2003 and 2004 all NAANSS propaganda was methodically removed from the internet by 2005 at the same time Patrick Byrne,Stanford University grad and the sleezebag son of Warren Buffett's old pal,Geico insurance billionaire Jack Byrne,placed a $100,000+ ad in the Washington Post in February 2005 addressed to W Bush and other members of his regime warning of the dangers of 'naked short selling'.Patrick Byrne is one of the biggest bribers of politicians in Utah and the corrupt Moron Republican Senator Bob Bennett his biggest supporter(besides SEC Chairman Chris Cox) in the 'naked short selling' claim-fraud.He has used money defrauded from investors in his Overstock.con to fund right wing Republican pro W Bush political
At the same the ad appeared in the Washington Post Byrne and his anonymous NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting stock pumpers or promoters were using Yahoo!'s NFI or Nova Star Financial 'message board' as well as his Overstock.con(OSTK)message board to promote the lie that various criminal pump and dump penny stock scams(CMKM Diamonds, Circle Holdings and many many more money laundering penny stocks)- AS BEING VICTIMS OF 'NAKED SHORTING' (WHICH BY THEIR MADE UP TERM MEANS 'COUNTERFETTING' OF SHARES).
'Coincidentally' 'Bob O'Brien'(a pseudonym)who is part of the NCANS criminal gang who posts on NCANS' thesanitycheck.con website worked to 'pump the price up on Circle Grouyp Holdings IN 2005.tHIS IS REVEALING OF A PROBABLER JAMES DAVIDSON CONNECTION TO NCANS AS WELL BECAUSE HE HIMSELF LIED ABOUT IT BEING 'NAKED SHORTED' IN 2004.:
'The worst nightmare of naked short sellers is that the companies they attack should survive and actually succeed. When that happens, as recently occurred in the case of Circle Group Holdings Inc. (CXN: AMEX), the counterfeiters are obliged to enter the market and buy the duly authorized shares of the capital stock of the company they have sold. CXN rose by nearly 30,000%, from 3 cents to almost $9, as naked short sellers were obliged to buy and deliver shares they counterfeited prior to CXN"s move to the AMEX.' -
quote from Steve Forbes NTU founder James Dale Davidson from Vantage Point,Agora Inc.,2004

Because Davidson who helped fund Bill Clinton in his first run for the presidency also was employed by Pennsylvania billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife to run a dirty tricks cam,paig against him later it appears Davidson has been a paid prostitute of far right billionaires for some time.
However at a Nevada Freedom Fest a while back attended by libertarian phoney Ron Paul this scumbag Davidson bragged of marrying a former Miss Brazil and bragged of being a billionaire himself.So maybe Steve Forbes list of billionaires is really a joke and many criminal billionaires and money launderers and war profiteers are purposefully missing from Steve's list.......And perhaps Davidson's bragadoccia about the marriage to a 'Miss Brazil' is really
a cover for his sexual insecurities at his age or perhaps to hide a homosexual or other more sinister sexual persuasion ? There seems to be rumors of pedophilia running among some this gang of elite WAshingtion, D.C. CONNECTED scumbags so who knows ? James Dale Guckert or Jeff Gannon the homosexual fascist who posed as a journalist with White House collusion had access to the White House Monica Lewinski never had
and our 'news media' helped cover up.
Also paradoxically while Davidson wrote a eulogy to Ezra Pound upon his death in 1974 he has been running another biotech fraud(he has been a repeat penny stock fraud offender with many 'biotech'and mining stock frauds to his credit that the U.S. government and the SEC or Securities Exchange Commission has allowed to operate with impunity for decades),
called Pluristem with Israeli and Leumi Bank connected criminals or Mosad for all I know along with Frank Carlucci of Carlyle and Congo Patrice Lumumba assasination fame.In fact the U.S SEC of Christopher 'WMDS' Cox has even allowed the Prime Minister of Israel to get away with fraud against Americans in a Nevada incorporated money laundering operation called Air Water Corp(AWTI)of British-Israeli money launderer Michael Zwebner !And it was a U.S. penny stock or NASDAQ fraud incorporated in Joe Biden's state of Delaware that guarded Logan Airport Boston on 911 !And it was Marvin Bush,cousin Wirt Walker III and Kuwait royals who operated the Securacom fraud that guarded Dulles airport at that same time !
And speaking of perverts this article in Vanity Fair is about one of Michael Zwebner's 'business' partners.
Zwebner who is closely connected to Israel's corrupt Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is also in 'business' with the Saudi connected money launderer Palestinaian-American Mohamed Hadid as well !Yep the sleezebag Israeli PM is in bed with the scumbag New York Orthodosx criminal Talansky as well who the Israeli gov had admitted did bribe him ! And also Olmert was almost convicted of money laundering along with Menachem Atzmon who RAN THE ICTS INTERNATIONAL STOCK FRAUD THAT 'GUARDED LOGAN AIRPORT BOSTON ON 911 LEADING TO THE DEATH OF ABOUT 3,000 NEW YORKERS !So perhaps it is no coincidence that Talansky was a major investor and beneficiary of the stock fraud called Global Technologies whose wiring on the Swissair 11 is believed to have been the cause of its crash off Nova Scotia September2,1998 that killed all
on board,many being U.N. employees !
Anyway Olmert's pal Zwebner besides defrauding money from Americans and laundering for Israeli right wing criminals not much better than Nazis has also used some of that money to buy male prostitutes in Miami that I and the male prostitute's rippoffreport have screamed about.
So Zwebner's and thus Ehud Olmert's
'business'partner Lou Pearlman's attraction to young males is probably more than just 'business as usual'. Orthodox perverts are what these scumbags are.Where's a decent rabbi to set them straight !?
If Steve Forbes is like these guys he should be kept some distance from high school property.

Mad About the Boys
Why didn't Steve Forbes tell the high school students at Edison High School some of those facts !?Instead he took time out of his busy fraud schedule to lie to them about 'naked short selling' ? Steve Forbes you are the scum of the earth and a parasite upon your fellow Americans !And your and Davidson's and Grover Norquist's et.al.'s National Taxpayers Union is a fraud not created to establish equality in taxation but to launder money stiolen from Americans as Davidson's MANY PENNY STOCK FRAUDS RUN FROM THERE OBVER THE YEARS DEMONSTRATES.
And as I have just written and posted
recently South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has been eulogising James Dale Davidson again(just as the Texas Repugnicon 'Libertarian'(who opposes women's right to choice in birth control has also lied about naked shortuing for him),and has acknowledged meeting him at a Hilton Head weekend attended by the Clinton's in the 19990's.You see this Davidson who later accused Bill Clintonn of killing Vince Foster i8s the very knid of scum sleeze like the Clintons attract just as they have received many bribes or 'donations' from hedge fund scum like Maddoff if not Bernie Madoff himself !
James Dale or Jim Davidson's Agora Inc of Baltimore with the fraudster and liar Bill Bonner has been in operation since 1979 - pre computer !
At that time junk mail and mail fraud(ignored by our 'government' of coursr)was his and Bonner's and the Lord William Rees-Mogg's modus operendi and their frauds were so successful they could even buy ex CIA Chiefs such as William Colby for the letterhead of their Strategic Investment fraud that was turned to a Clinton killed Vince Foster propaganda mailing just before Colby's mysterious drowning.Steve Forbes has also been interviewed by Agora Inc. even though he would have every reason to know they are operating illegal pump and dump money laundering frauds from Baltimore using myriad world wide internet sites that interpol should stop if the perverts in Washington,D.C. WON'T OR ARE PART OF !Americans would be greatful.
So kids at Edison High School don't be conned by the lieing Steve Forbes scum who recently tried to sell you a bill of economic porn - 'naked shorting' is a lie used to distract attention from illegal pump and dump operations that the corrupt U.S.SEC also covers up.
Remember SEC Chairman Christopher Cox works with these scumbags and has himself been spreading the illegal rumor that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were 'naked shorted' !Manipulated with collusion of hedge funds and 'anonymous' billionaires with offshore accounts is more like it.An example of Cox's hypocrisy and criminality is the fact that he was the one who removed what is called the uptick rule and made conventional
shorting much easier in anticipation of the stock market collapse he himself helped to engineer in collusion with scum like Steve Forbes whose daddy also coldly ran real estate frauds against middle class and poor Americans in Wyoming and
Colorado and Montana,etc..Yes the Forbes family has had a long history of shorting their fellow Americans which is why he is more at home with the likes of media monopolist Rupert
Murdoch and Davidson's coauthor the Lord William Rees-Mogg than ordinary Americans.

About Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford who met Davidson at a Hilton Head Renaisaince weekend attended by Bill and Hillary Clinton and has been raving about him ever since:

Gov. Sanford Attends Bilderberger Meeting
Written by Bob Dill
Jul 16, 2008 at 12:00 AM
The July 7 issue of the New American reported that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford attended the annual secret meeting of the elite Bilderberger Group at the sealed-off Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. June 5 through 8, 2008.

The magazine described the group as the Bilderberger attendees as "global power brokers from the worlds of politics, business, central banking, finance, and media.," and the membership of globalist one-world organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations."

Attendees included the Director of the National Security Agency, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, and many others including David Reckefeller, who attended the first meeting in 1954.

The Governor's office verified the accuracy of Governor Sanford's presence at the meeting in response to a request by The Times Examiner,


THE FOLLOWING WAS SENT TO AND ADDRESSED TO MARK CUBAN OF BLOGMAVERICK.COM RE STEVE FORBES RECENT RAVING ABOUT SUPPOSED 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' AT BOTH THE HIGH SCHOOL AND RUPERT MURDOCH'S RAG,THHE TIMES OF LONDON.Mark Cuban who was made a Yahoo billionaire by way of selling an internet sports commentary website of some kind before the crash of 2002 began blogging about the naked shorting scam in 2005 immediatley after Patrick Byrne,et.al. placed their $100,000+ NCANS ad ion the Washington Post.I feel the Washingtion Post knew they were placing an ad for Beltway
connected securities fraudsters and the very fact they never investigated or reported on the group but just took the money makes that argument for me:
Well Mark I suppose your fellow billionaire Steve Forbes would just say they were 'naked shorted' just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.Note that not only does Steve molest high school students with and his NTU president or ex president J.D.Davidson's economic porno they call naked shorting but surprise - Rupert Murdoch's Times of London that led the Northern Rock 'naked shorting' rumor in 2007 also allows Steve to repeat the rumor and he says just what Davidson and Byrne say - that 'naked shorting' has destroyed(unnamed)companies !
It is true that if naked shorting were occuring for any length of time it would cause damage to A STOCK'S SHARE PRICE - I AM SURE OF THAT AND SO ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS ILLEGAL.However as you know and have stated Mark - IT WOULD NOT CAUSE A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY TO FAIL - THAT IS A FORBES LIE AND
HE KNOWS IT !It would hurt an investor in shares until the problem or crime was dealt with but the successful company WOULD NOT be running on the sale of its own shares or it could not be called successful - it would be a failure until it was generating enough profit to be independent of its own shares for capital wouldn't it ? Steve Forbes is caught in a big lie but who will call him on it except defrauded amateurs such as myself when he and his pal Rupert Murdoch have a monoploy or better said - a strangle hold - on business journalism ?
Jesse Eisinger,Barron's Alpert(who did some good writing in his day),Carol Remond,Gay Weiss and al Steve Forbes-Rupert Murdoch employees should all bow their heads in shame as far as I'm concerned.
Below from Rupert Murdoch and the Lord William Rees-Mogg's Times of London provides more proof(to me)that Steve Forbes has known about his colleague James Dale Davidson's phoney naked short sale claim fraud and his running penny stock frauds from their NTU office near the SEC office for years.
Remember last year Rupert's Times was the first to make the naked shorting assertion for Northern Rock.It appears to me that there is a 'conspiracy' indeed among the very wealthy involved in 'securities' to use Davidson's,Grant Atkins,Brent Pierce's,Dave Patch's and of course now Patrick Byrne's NCANS because he plagiarized it from Davidson's NAANSS,naked shorting to divert attention from what really happened to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, et.al..

Below from Rupert Murdoch and the Lord William Rees-Mogg's Times of London provides more proof(to me)that Steve Forbes has known about his colleague James Dale Davidson's phoney naked short sale claim fraud and his running penny stock frauds from their NTU office near the SEC office for years.
Remember last year Rupert's Times was the first to make the naked shorting assertion for Northern Rock.It appears to me that there is a 'conspiracy' indeed among the very wealthy involved in 'securities' to use Davidson's,Grant Atkins,Brent Pierce's,Dave Patch's and of course now Patrick Byrne's NCANS because he plagiarized it from Davidson's NAANSS,naked shorting to divert attention from what really happened to Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac, et.al..
My only question now is - where are the business journalists ? Oh yeah they work for Rupert Murdoch and Steve Forbes.......
Also does anyone know what became of John Berthoud and what was the 'natural' cause of this 45 year olds ,who had replaced James Dale Davidson at the NTU office as president,death ? Did Steve and J.D.D. attend his funeral ?
He describes it as an "arcane practice" which has put the economy in a "death spiral." He is no less passionate about the need to reinstate the uptick rule, which he also believes is hitting life assurance. Under the uptick rule a share could not be shorted unless it had gone up in price. "It's no surprise to anyone . . . that market volatility exploded after the uptick rule ceased. There were no speed bumps left when shorts went after a stock."
This was compounded by another of his pet hates "naked" short selling - selling when you have not borrowed the shares. Thankfully he doesn't have a motoring analogy for this "lunacy". Finally, he says that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae should have their bonds guaranteed and be broken into smaller recapitalised companies to get the housing market moving quickly.
Tony Ryals | 12.20.08 - 12:02 am |
The late Malcolm Forbes Sr., the flamboyant proprietor of Forbes magazine, sure knew how to parlay his products. Starting in 1969, he acquired -- for about $22 an acre -- 256,000 acres around the historic Trinchera Ranch in southeastern Colorado. Over the years, he sold off a portion for $700 an acre through ads in his magazine. He used the same technique with a 12,800-acre parcel near Warsaw, Missouri. Landholdings, which include foreign properties, are held in the name of Forbes Inc., the company owned by his four sons and run by one of them, former presidential hopeful Steve.
Geoforum : Out of administrative control: Absentee owners ...And as they do that, they repossess the landscape that ranchers worked long .... These buyers—media mogul Malcolm Forbes was one—purchased ranches as tax ...
In the 1960s, land speculators descended on Costilla County. Most devastating, was the sale of a 77,000-acre uplands known as La Sierra. Purchased with a "cloud over the title," for $7.00 an acre, La Sierra contained usufructuray rights to hunt, fish, and gather wood. Eventually in a long and often tainted legal process, the owner enclosed the uplands. The economy sank and the county experienced the highest out-migration in the state. Speculators continued to purchased smaller tracts at tax auctions ultimately accumulating mesas and desert lands. Early in the early 1970's, publishing tycoon, Malcolm Forbes purchased the mountainous uplands at the north. Speculators and Forbes extensively subdivided the landscape and carved flatlands and mountains with roads. Of the 75,000 square miles in Costilla County 33% of the land has been subdivided into residential lots. Currently there are over 43,000 absentee landowners, claiming 50,000 parcels, in 30 subdivisions. This record gives Costilla County the distinction of being Colorado's most subdivided rural landscapes........
A few of the corporate-based subdivisions, such as Forbes, have high-end gated communities with protective covenants and access to utilities in many areas. Collectively all subdivisions are rapidly transforming the agricultural landscape into rural suburbia filled with manufactured homes, second homes, and hobby ranches. The county is forced to build more roads and provide emergency, police, and fire service in exchange for very modest property taxation from landowners and no support from brokers.

Circle Group Zeroes In on Naked Shorts | Article from Daily News ...Circle Group Zeroes In on Naked Shorts ... find Daily News articles. ... Mundelein-based venture capital firm Circle Group Holdings Inc., is worried that ...

To Mark Cuban:
Are you saying Chris Cox is right or wrong about Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac being 'naked shorted' ? I briefly reviewed your comments
re naked shorting from 2005.I don't believe you made the dividend
argument for share accounting such as Fannie Mae or NFI or Freddie
Mac,in which no investor ever claimed to my knowledge having not
received their dividends, etc. - but only voting with micro cap
shares.But we've come along way since 2005 when you wrote that and I
don't presume you've missed the Chairman Mao's ,I mean Cox's,
explanation of the Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac collapse as being
caused by evil naked short selling did you ? I mean I'm amazed you
haven't commented on Chris Cox claim that Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac
are victims of trillions of 'naked short selling' damage ! Haven't
you heard the 'news' from Chris 'Naked Shorts' Cox himself !? I
believe lieing about NFI being 'naked shorted' followed by
Northern Rock being blamed on that in planted stories in the UK was
a warm up for Chris Cox like the big fat lady singing,mee mee mee ,
'Naked Short Selling.' But somehow I don't buy his lie and it sounds
like a fraudulent claim to me and the spreading of an incorrect rumor
over the internet that SEC Cyber Czar John Reed Stark should be
investigating regarding his own boss's rumor ! Are 'Bobo
O'Brien' and Chris Cox on the same team ? Have I entered the
twighlight zone ?
Comment by Tony Ryals — December 2, 2008 @ 8:22 pm

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CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud
money laundering
Mantas Inc,Herndon,Va,Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International
www.ftaaimc.org/en/2005/12 /7186.shtml
CIA and Gilman Louie are
less than honest
Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering
Cocaina,UE,Mexico,CIA,Avion De Rendicion,Estados Unidos Departamento
de'Homeland Security'
Papa Benedicto,Erroneas Concepciones En Cuanto A La Concepcion Y La
Historia De La Ciencia
Jerry Weller,Rios Montt,Bancafe Guatemala, Bawag Austria,Refco y
'Acciones de Centavos'
Cocaína,Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, Abril 10:¿CIA,Republicanos Y PAN?